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INPEX Holds KIDS DAY for Employees’ Children

INPEX held its sixth open house for employees’ children on July 26 at its head office in Tokyo. 19 INPEX employees and 24 children of elementary school age participated in the event held during the summer vacation period of elementary schools.


After learning about the company’s business operations and its responsibilities to society, the children took a tour of the workplace and practiced the exchange of business cards. The children then took part in a video conference with employees based at the INPEX Perth office who provided a lecture on the Ichthys LNG Project.


Feedback from the children included statements such as, “I was able to learn about the kinds of things done by INPEX where my father/mother works” and “It was great to be able to see where my father/mother works.”


                                                      Group photo                                                          Practice of exchanging business cards

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