INPEX Gives 2nd Oil & Gas Lecture to Students in Department of Environmental and Urban Engineering, National Institute of Technology (KOSEN)

INPEX, through its subsidiary INPEX Solutions, Ltd., presented a lecture on the oil & gas industry entitled "Technical Innovation in Shale Gas" to fifth year students at Gunma College's Department of Environmental and Urban Engineering, National Institute of Technology (KOSEN) on December 3, 2021. The lecture is INPEX's second at KOSEN and was organized upon the request of students following INPEX's first lecture on "How INPEX aligns with SDGs in Japan and other countries," which was presented to KOSEN students between the first and fifth years in September 2021.

The second lecture addressed a series of topics including:

-Technical innovation in shale gas development with a focus on horizontal well drilling, multi-stage fracturing and technologies to mitigate potential impact on the environment

-Natural gas production and processing including the natural gas liquefaction process consisting of acid gas removal, dehydration, and cooling

-Gas pipeline maintenance including a 24-hour management system, anti-earthquake measures and technical inspection using drones

Feedback from students indicated that they were able to deepen their understanding of the industry and augment their knowledge gained from the first lecture held in September 2021. Students were also surprised to learn of the large number of technologies required from development to production.

INPEX will continue implementing social contribution activities including education and empowerment initiatives.


A stable supply of energy is essential for the sustainable development of society and the economy as well as for the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To make a positive contribution to these causes, INPEX endeavors at all times to expand its energy supply sustainably.