INPEX Awarded "Special Project Prize" at 2016 Keidanren Newsletter Awards

INPEX was awarded a “Special Project Prize” by the Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) at the 2016 Keidanren Newsletter Awards for its coverage on a featured topic in INPEX Style, INPEX’s quarterly internal newsletter distributed to employees.

The featured topic for the “Special Project Prize” was the promotion of the advancement of women in the workplace, and INPEX Style received high marks for its story entitled “Women active at work” that was featured in Volume 14 of the newsletter issued in July 2016.

Specifically, the story was highly evaluated for its coverage addressing globalizing issues such as work-life balance, diversity and cultural acceptance through the introduction of several female employees active in their workplaces and the portrayal of these subjects as career role models for aspiring, young female employees.

The annual Keidanren Newsletter Awards were established as a regular event in 1966 with the objective of promoting internal corporate communications as well as improving the quality of internal newsletters of Japanese companies through the commendation of editorial personnel.

INPEX will strive to further improve the contents of INPEX Style.

INPEX Style Volume 14 feature story
INPEX Style Volume 14 feature story