Our Business


INPEX is active in the Minami-Nagaoka Gas Field in Niigata Prefecture, one of the largest of its kind in Japan and operates a natural gas pipeline extending approximately 1,500km and an LNG Receiving Terminal.

Renewable Energy

To proactively address climate change and meet long-term demand for renewable energy, INPEX will accelerate the development of its renewable energy business. INPEX intends to expand its participation in wind power generation and other areas in addition to pursuing its existing geothermal power business, which draws on synergies with its oil and natural gas E&P activities.
Meanwhile, INPEX is also involved in the research and development of technologies required to build an electricity-hydrogen-methane value chain as a de-carbonation technology.

Strengthening technical capabilities

Technology Roadmap 2018

Technology Roadmap 2018

We will further develop the core technologies cultivated in the exploration and development of oil and natural gas. We will also strengthen our comprehensive technological capabilities by challenging the technical issues we are currently facing in our existing businesses and the new technology fields that look ahead to the diversified energy society of the future.