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Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report brings together information on our business activities including our social and environmental policies and initiatives in the previous year.

In 2012, we changed the title of the report to “Sustainability Report” taking into account that we are striving to improve the disclosure of information on our initiatives and challenges in various countries as a global company, disclose more information on our projects in the world, and promote linkage between website and booklet regarding sustainability reporting.

Sustainability Report 2012 (Entire File)

Cover: Sustainability Report 2012
Sustainability Report 2012 PDF 7.13MB
Sustainability Report 2012 (Japanese) PDF 7.99MB
Sustainability Report 2012 (by Section)
Mission, Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and
Code of Conduct
Top Management Commitment PDF 654KB
Medium- to Long-Term Vision of INPEX PDF 1.32MB
CSR of the INPEX Group
Relationships with Major Stakeholders
Business Activities
Special Feature 1:
Stable Supply of Energy to Japan
Special Feature 2:
Ichthys LNG Project and CSR
Special Feature 3:
Dialogue with Stakeholders
“What is Expected of a Global Energy Company”
Corporate Governance PDF 693KB
Risk Management
HSE Management System
Environmental Impact of Our Business Activities PDF 881KB
Global Warming Mitigation
Biodiversity Conservation
Reducing Our Environmental Impact
Fighting Climate Change
Safety Management PDF 2.17MB
Building Trust with and Contributing to Local Communities
Initiatives to Contribute to Local Communities
Fair Trade with Business Partners
Product Quality Control
Human Resource Development and Utilization
Health Management
Appropriate Information Disclosure
Third Party Comments on Sustainability Report 2012 PDF 123KB
Communication Tools PDF 462KB
CSR Online 2012: Table of Contents
Please note corrections to errors in printed versions of Sutainability Reports will be listed on this website.

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