INPEX Wins Gold in Workplace Environment Evaluation

INPEX Australia received a Gold Recognition for demonstrated leadership and excellence in creating and sustaining workplace health and wellbeing by Healthier Workplace WA, a joint initiative by the Australian and State governments that helps Western Australian companies support employees seeking positive lifestyle changes.

The Gold Recognition category is the highest level of achievement.

INPEX was commended for its outstanding performance in following areas:


  • Planning employee health and wellbeing
  • Budgeting and resourcing
  • Health and Wellbeing committee/group
  • Workplace champions
  • Offering incentives
  • Conducting evaluations
  • Environment to support physical activity (e.g. showers, lockers, change rooms)
  • Managing alcohol consumption at work functions
  • Promoting non-sedentary work practices
  • Promoting healthy commuting (walk, cycle, catch public transport)
  • Providing employee training opportunities
  • Providing employees healthy activities


This achievement demonstrates the outstanding work INPEX is doing in caring for its most valuable asset – its people.

Health and wellbeing programs in INPEX Australia
Health and wellbeing programs in INPEX Australia