INPEX Conducts Training Session for Educators

INPEX CORPORATION conducted a three-day training session for educators on August 17-19, 2022, as part of a program organized by the Keizai Koho Center, the public relations arm of the Keidanren (Japan Business Federation).

The program, which was established in 1983, is designed to provide educators with opportunities to improve their understanding of the private sector through training sessions hosted by private companies. The educators who undergo these sessions typically have around 10 years of working experience. INPEX has participated in this program since 2019.

13 educators dispatched by the Tokyo Metropolitan School Personnel in Service Training Center attended INPEX's training session, which consisted of a seminar introducing the oil and gas industry, a tour of the company's Technical Research Center, and a roundtable discussion with INPEX employees of about the same age as the educators.

Feedback from the educators included the following statements.

  • "I was very stimulated by the way employees were taking on new challenges in terms of their work, and considering their working environment and structure."
  • "It was good to know that people of the same generation are working with the same concerns and feelings even though they are in different industries."

INPEX will continue to implement a wide range of social contribution activities including initiatives to empower coming generations through education.


教員の民間企業研修3.JPG 教員の民間企業研修_1.JPG