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Message from President & CEO

photo Takayuki Ueda

We at INPEX CORPORATION would like to express our sincere appreciation for your continued understanding and support of the INPEX Group and our business operations.

In 2012, INPEX formulated its "MEDIUM- TO LONG-TERM VISION OF INPEX" and has since steadfastly implemented the measures outlined therein.While INPEX will continue to be expected to respond to the world's growing energy demands, our long-term business environment is undergoing dramatic changes led by a global response to climate change and a transition to a low-carbon society.

Taking this situation into account, we have presented a new, long-term vision for the period until 2040 in the form of "Vision 2040: Delivering tomorrow's energy solutions," (Vision 2040) which sets out three business targets; the sustainable growth of oil and natural gas E&P activities, the development of a global gas value chain business and the reinforcement of renewable energy initiatives. While reducing the carbon footprint of every one of our business operations, we will work to continuously increase our corporate value by maintaining a portfolio that can flexibly respond to the changes in our business environment between now and 2040.

In addition, we have also formulated our "Medium-term Business Plan 2018-2022: Growth & Value Creation," which outlines specific targets and initiatives for the fiscal years 2018-2022 toward realizing Vision 2040. While pursuing our financial and business targets, we will also strive to improve the management policies required to achieve these targets.

We at INPEX aim to become a leading energy company serving an essential role in global society by meeting the energy needs of Japan and countries around the world, based on our mission of contributing to the creation of a brighter future for society through our efforts to develop, produce and deliver energy in a sustainable way.

We look forward to your continued support and guidance.

  • Representative Director, President & CEO
    Takayuki Ueda

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