Mission and Sustainability Principles

The INPEX Group has formulated a Mission, Sustainability Principles, Business Principles, and Code of Conduct. Our Mission reflects our objective of playing an active role in social development. Our Sustainability Principles directs our Sustainability initiatives and reaffirms our commitment to promoting them. Our Business Principles describes how every officer and employee as individuals of the Group should perform ethically on a daily basis. Additionally, our Code of Conduct puts our Business Principles into practice.


We are committed to contributing to the creation of a brighter future for society through our efforts to develop, produce and deliver energy in a sustainable way.

Sustainability Principles

The INPEX Group is committed to continue fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities through its business activities as a credible company while increasing its corporate value sustainably over the medium- to long-term. Under the initiative of top management, we will build an effective corporate governance system strictly applied internally and groupwide, and proactively address sustainability issues through our businesses and value chains in line with the following principles, while taking stakeholder interests into consideration.

  • We will supply the energy that is essential to society in a cleaner, stable and efficient manner.
  • We will proactively engage in energy transformation to contribute to climate change response and the shift to a net zero carbon society.
  • We will ensure the safety and health of our employees and all persons associated with our business operations, and thoroughly enforce safety operations and control. We will also strive to address global environmental issues and create environmental value.
  • We will comply with laws, rules and regulations and engage in ethical business conduct in accordance with all international norms including human rights as well as social norms that exist at our business locations.
  • We will widely engage with shareholders and conduct the fair and proactive disclosure of corporate information.
  • We will establish a workplace that supports diversity and provides a comfortable working environment and opportunities for employees to use their full potential to drive innovation and enhance organizational capability.
  • We will respect cultural diversity and contribute to the economic development of the countries, regions and communities in which we do business.

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