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Mission and CSR Principles

The INPEX Group has formulated a Mission, CSR Principles, Business Principles, and Code of Conduct. Our Mission reflects our objective of playing an active role in social development. Our CSR Principles directs our CSR initiatives and reaffirms our commitment to promoting them. Our Business Principles describes how every officer and employee as individuals of the Group should perform ethically on a daily basis. Additionally, our Code of Conduct puts our Business Principles into practice.


The mission of the INPEX Group is to provide a stable and efficient supply of energy to our customers by exploring and developing oil and natural gas resources throughout the world. Through its business, we aim to become an integrated energy company, which contributes to the community and makes it more livable and prosperous.

CSR Principles

The INPEX Group conducts business efficiently and proactively with a long-term perspective. Guided by the leadership of top management, we are committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities by taking into consideration our stakeholders' interests. Our key principles include:

  1. Deliver energy in a stable and efficient manner.
  2. As a company responsible for energy supply, strictly maintain safety in operation and control in all areas of our business activities.
  3. Comply with laws, rules and regulations and adhere to ethical business conduct in accordance with the social norms including human rights at our international or operating locations.
  4. Communicate timely and openly with shareholders, employees, customers, business partners and other stakeholders while protecting and properly managing information.
  5. Value the individuality of employees, secure a safe, healthy and worker-friendly environment, and provide opportunities for career development.
  6. Recognize our responsibility to help preserve the environment and proactively contribute to sustainable development.
  7. Contribute to the economic development of host countries and communities, by taking cultural diversity into consideration.

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