INPEX at a glance

1INPEX Strengths

As a pioneer in energy transformation (EX), INPEX will provide a stable supply of diverse and clean energy sources including oil and natural gas, hydrogen and renewable power. Through these business activities, the company will promote initiatives towards the realization of a net zero carbon society and aim to increase the corporate value of the INPEX Group as a whole.

Leveraging our strengths, we will promote both our oil and gas business and net 5 zero businesses, while pursuing synergies between the two.

Stable energy supply to Japan and the world through our global business portfolio

We produce oil and natural gas on a daily basis in countries around the world on a scale equivalent to approximately 10% of Japan’s annual energy consumption. This production volume is the largest among Japanese companies, and, internationally, is second only to the output of major oil companies, so we play a part in ensuring a stable supply.

Exceptional technological capabilities and R&D structure for achieving net zero carbon

INPEX Research Hub for Energy Transformation (I-RHEX) was established in the Technical Research Center to promote research and development with the aim of diverting and applying oil and gas business technologies to clean energy technologies, as well as to acquire advanced technologies in the CCS/CCUS, hydrogen and other businesses.

Global human resources with diverse values

To sustain and strengthen responsible management as a global company, we believe it is important to diversify our workforce and develop human resources that can share global values.
To achieve this aim, we promote a range of HR policies from a global perspective and maximize organizational performance by ensuring the diversity of our talent pool.

Strong financial position and rising cash flow

We generate stable and solid revenues and cash flow through the stable operation of Ichthys and other domestic and international projects. We appropriately control our financial balance by constantly monitoring outstanding borrowings, investments and returns to build a resilient financial base that can withstand a low-oil-price environment.

Close partnerships with gas- and oil-producing nations and support from the Japanese government

We have built long-term relationships with governments and other stakeholders in various countries, and we will pursue synergies by leveraging this network for our 5 net zero businesses as well. We use financial support from JOGMEC, JBIC, NEXI and other organizations to promote oil and natural gas upstream projects. We also help develop policy frameworks and provide other assistance for the sectors of our 5 net zero businesses and promote the prompt and efficient development of those businesses by utilizingsubsidies from NEDO, JOGMEC and others in an appropriate manner.

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2INPEX’s Business

Oil and Gas Business

INPEX is promoting oil and natural gas projects across multiple continents, including large-scale projects such as the Ichthys LNG project in Australia and oil field projects in Abu Dhabi. It is Japan’s largest exploration and production (E&P) company in terms of reserves and production volume.

In Japan, INPEX produces gas from the Minami Nagaoka gas field, which boasts one of the largest reserves in Japan. LNG supplies from Ichthys and other projects received at the Naoetsu LNG terminal, which commenced operations in December 2013, are transported through a natural gas trunk pipeline network approximately 1,500 kilometers in length to provide a stable supply of natural gas to our customers.


Net production (FY2022)

622 thousand barrels per day

Net proved reserves (FY2022)

6,213Million BOE

Natural Gas Sales Volume in Japan (FY2022)

2.2billion ㎥

Domestic Trunk Pipeline network


5 net zero businesses

In the age of transformation toward a net-zero carbon society, INPEX will actively promote its 5 net zero businesses to provide solutions that meet the needs of society.

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INPEX Vision @2022

3Value Creation Process

INPEX will proactively engage in energy structure reforms toward the realization of a net zero carbon society by 2050, while responding to the growing energy demands of Japan and the world and fulfilling the Company’s responsibility for the development and stable supply of energy over the long term. By doing so, INPEX will contribute to a brighter future for society and sustainably increase its corporate value.

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Integrated Report 2022

4Shareholder returns

Based on the shareholder returns policy stated in the "Medium-Term Business Plan 2022-2024" formulated in February 2022, during the period of the Medium-term Business Plan from fiscal year 2022 to fiscal year 2024, our basic policy is to strengthen shareholder returns in accordance with growth in financial performance, with stable dividend payouts.

We will aim for a total payout ratio of over 40%, implement share buybacks based on business environment, financial base and management conditions, etc. and set a minimum annual dividend per share of 30 JPY even in case of a short-term deterioration in our business environment, etc.

5Key statistics and figures

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