INPEX-operated Ichthys LNG Project Supports Distance Education in the Northern Territory, Australia

The INPEX-operated Ichthys LNG Project provided AUD $3 million for the construction of the Northern Territory School of Distance Education, a purpose-built education facility that opened on August 5 in Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory in Australia, to cater for more than 400 senior secondary students accessing learning from remote areas in the Northern Territory.

The project’s contribution to the school is one of many ways in which INPEX and its partners collaborate with the community to support young Territorians. The school will enable students living in remote locations and Aboriginal communities across the Territory greater access to senior secondary education.

This contribution is also part of INPEX’s ongoing initiative to support education and training in the Northern Territory. The Ichthys LNG Project has previously also contributed AUD $3 million to Charles Darwin University’s North Australian Centre for Oil and Gas in 2012.