Oil and natural gas: from exploration to delivery

The business activities of the oil industry can be envisioned as the flow of a river. The upstream consists of the development and production of oil and natural gas. The midstream is where products are transported. The downstream refers to refining and sales. Our mainstay business is to handle operations in the upstream including the discovery, drilling, collecting and selling of crude oil and natural gas, both of which exist underground.

In addition to terrestrial geological surveys, we utilize geophysical surveys conducted through satellite images and seismic waves in order to assess the potential subsurface accumulations of oil and natural gas. Furthermore, we drill exploratory wells in order to confirm the presence of oil and gas fields.

Once the presence of oil and natural gas has been confirmed, we drill an appraisal well to assess the extent of the oil and gas fields and to evaluate the amount of reserves. In addition, we make comprehensive judgments regarding the commercial viability of the fields such as examining profitability.

We drill production wells for the production of oil and natural gas. We also construct gas processing facilities and a transport pipeline, which are necessary for production and shipping.

We perform production and operation management such as refining/treatment to create products from the oil and natural gas excavated from the production wells. We also engage in marketing and sales for the produced crude oil, condensate, LPG, natural gas and LNG.