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Prohibited Acts

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  6. 6.Acts for business operation or profit, or acts in preparation therefore, without permission from INPEX.
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Conditions for links shall be changed as necessary. Those users who already have a link to this Web site shall comply with the latest conditions.

Handling of Personal Information

The personal information that INPEX solicits on the Web site is essentially limited to customer names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and mailing addresses, where this information is necessary for INPEX to provide its services. INPEX does not alter the information collected on the Site without the consent of the customers.

INPEX does not supply or disclose customers' personal information to third parties, except in cases where customers have given their permission in advance or in cases where there are other valid reasons. However, INPEX may disclose information in urgent situations where doing so is necessary to protect human life or human rights, or in cases where INPEX receives direction or orders to do so based on legal requests from judicial organs, police or other authorities. In such cases, INPEX will not keep the disclosure from its customers.

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1. Use of Cookies

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2. Gathering access data

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Web accessibility conformance

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The RSS feeds for the most recent information from this Site are as follows:

IR-related news

Note on Use of RSS Feeds

INPEX reserves the right to discontinue its RSS service at any time without prior notification. Please be aware that URLs may change, thereby affecting the RSS service.

Also please note that INPEX does not respond to questions concerning the RSS service, RSS readers or other software provided by third parties. This Web site uses RSS 1.0. Certain RSS readers and browsers may not support this version of RSS.