INPEX CSR Programs in Indonesia Featured on Indonesian TV

On November 12, 2016, a portion of the CSR programs run by the INPEX-operated Abadi LNG Project in Indonesia were featured on TV-One, one of the largest TV station networks in Indonesia.

The Abadi LNG Project is engaged in a variety of social contribution programs including training in organic farming and seaweed cultivation as well as traditional textile weaving featured in the television program.

The project focuses particularly on educational programs to help develop the regional communities and foster next-generation human resources, and community empowerment programs to help enhance local socio-economic sustainability through employment and improved livelihood and working conditions.

Going forward, INPEX aims to continue contributing to the further development of the local communities through the realization of the Abadi LNG Project at an early stage as well as through various CSR programs.

Abadi LNG Project CSR programs
Abadi LNG Project CSR programs