INPEX CEO and KUMON Executive Officer visited ADNOC Abu Dhabi School which recently launches the World First Use of the KUMON Method by Tablet out of Japan

Mr. Takayuki Ueda, CEO of INPEX and Mr. Katsuyuki Inoue, Executive Officer of KUMON INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION CO., LTD (hereinafter "KUMON") visited ADNOC Abu Dhabi School which recently started the world first use of the tablet-operated Kumon Method on November 13, 2019.

As stated in below notes, INPEX has been conducting various CSR activities including introducing Kumon Methods to Abu Dhabi. And going forward, INPEX will continue contributing to the local communities in the UAE including through similar youth education and empowerment initiatives.


[INPEX/JODCO CSR Activities]
INPEX and its subsidiary in Abu Dhabi, Japan Oil Development Co., Ltd (JODCO) has been engaged in development of the petroleum industry in Abu Dhabi since its establishment, 1973. We have also conducted various supports for CSR activities, such as the Mangrove plantation project as environmental contribution, the Pearl project as regional/cultural contribution, the Judo project with Embassy of Japan in UAE as sports contribution, based on its origin of Japanese company.

INPEX/JODCO firstly introduced Kumon Method to a public school in Abu Dhabi in 1998 with two purposes; 1. Education of mathematics at youth is very important for science students who will lead the petroleum industry in Abu Dhabi in future to grow up and 2. self-learning attitude developed by the Kumon Method of learning is very precious.

In 2017, we conveyed our continuous commitment of Kumon Method introduction to Sheikh Mohamed because the Kumon introduction is effective for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education (hereinafter "STEM") which are promoted in Abu Dhabi and such commitment was re-evaluated by Sheikh Mohamed. Then, in 2018, ADNOC, KUMON and INPEX/JODCO entered into the agreement and we started an introduction of Kumon Method to 500 students in the four ADNOC elementary schools, namely Abu Dhabi Schools, Medinat Zayed School, Ruwais School and Ghayathi School. ADNOC, KUMON and INPEX/JODCO have an expansion plan to introduce Kumon Method to more schools and in five years, we are targeting to deploy 10 schools with 7,000 students.

Through the introduction of the Kumon Method, ADNOC, KUMON and INPEX/JODCO strongly expect that following two pillars will be developed and built;
1. Improvement of education level
A) Increase of young leaders who lead the industry and have sciences nature grown with STEM education
B) Advanced learning environment by introducing a tablet
2. Development of Al Dhafra
A) Improvement of educational environment in the western region as the Kumon Method provides same quality despite of location
B) Job creation as Kumon Method instructors

(End of Notes)