INPEX Supports Indonesian Cultural Heritage Event in Japan

INPEX contributed support to a fashion show featuring traditional ikat weaving clothes from the Tanimbar Islands in Indonesia’s Maluku province. The hand-made based fashion products exclusively for Tokyo showcase at the Indonesian Embassy in Japan on April 6, 2017 was organized by the West Southeastern Maluku Regency Administration jointly with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.

The show was attended by approximately 70 participants including officials representing Maluku Province and West Southeastern Maluku Regency respectively, officials from Indonesian Embassy, guests from other countries and INPEX employees.

This support is part of a social contribution program that INPEX has implemented since 2011 through the INPEX-operated Abadi LNG Project to help preserve and promote the cultural heritage of ikat.

Going forward, INPEX will continue to contribute for further development of the local communities in Indonesia through the realization of the Abadi LNG Project at an early stage as well as through various social contribution activities.

Fashion show featuring ikat weaving
Fashion show featuring ikat weaving