Australia & Timor-Leste

The Ichthys LNG Project and Surrounding exploration blocks

Contract area (block) Project status Production capacity Venture company (established) Interest owned (*Operator)
WA-50-L In production LNG: Approximately 8.9 million tons per year
LPG: Approximately 1.65 million tons per year
Condensate: Approximately 100 thousand barrels per day (at peak)
INPEX Ichthys Pty Ltd
(April 5, 2011)
INPEX Ichthys Pty Ltd* 66.245%
TOTAL 26.000%
CPC 2.625%
Tokyo Gas 1.575%
Osaka Gas 1.200%
Kansai Electric Power 1.200%
JERA 0.735%
Toho Gas 0.420%
WA-84-R Under exploration
(blocks under appraisal on the discovery of gas and condensate)
INPEX Browse E&P Pty Ltd
(October 21, 2013)
INPEX Browse E&P Pty 40%
Santos* 60%
WA-56-R INPEX Browse E&P Pty* 60%
WA-80-R INPEX Browse E&P Pty Ltd 26.6064%
Santos* 63.6299%
Beach 9.7637%
WA-281-P INPEX Browse E&P Pty 29.5%
Santos* 70.5%
WA-74-R INPEX Browse E&P Pty Ltd 40%
Santos* 60%
WA-285-P Under exploration INPEX Browse E&P Pty* 62.245%
TOTAL 30.000%
CPC 2.625%
Tokyo Gas 1.575%
Osaka Gas 1.200%
Kansai Electric Power 1.200%
JERA 0.735%
Toho Gas 0.420%
WA-494-P INPEX Browse E&P Pty* 100%
WA-343-P INPEX Browse E&P Pty Ltd* 100%
AC/P36 INPEX Browse E&P Pty* 50%
Murphy 50%
AC/P66 INPEX Oil & Gas Australia Pty Ltd* 100%
EP(A)318 INPEX Oil & Gas Australia Pty Ltd
(February 28, 2012)

(As of November 31, 2021)

Ichthys LNG Project

In 1998, INPEX acquired an exploration permit in the block where the Ichthys Gas-Condensate Field is now located, and following development studies including exploration, evaluation and FEED work, INPEX announced its FID in January 2012. Following the completion and commissioning of production facilities, INPEX commenced production in July 2018 and later began shipping condensate, LNG and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Production ramp up has progressed very smoothly, and in 2020, 122 LNG cargoes were shipped from the project’s onshore gas liquefaction plant in Darwin. Maintenance required for safe and stable operations was conducted for approximately one month from May to June 2021. Shipments of approximately 10 LNG cargoes per month are expected in fiscal 2021.

Surrounding exploration blocks

INPEX holds interests in 18 exploration blocks in the vicinity of the Ichthys Gas-Condensate Field and has engaged in exploration activities that have led to the discovery of gas in at least 9 of these blocks. Evaluation work is now being performed on these discoveries. In the event that substantial amounts of hydrocarbons are confirmed as a result of these exploration and evaluation activities, INPEX expects to expand its business by leveraging the synergies of integration with the Ichthys LNG Project.

CPF Ichthys Explorer
Onshore LNG plant

Prelude FLNG Project (WA-44-L)

Contract area (block) Project status Production capacity Venture company (established) Interest owned (*Operator)
WA-44-L In production LNG: Approximately 3.6 million tons per year
LPG: Approximately 400 thousand tons per year (at peak)
Condensate: Approximately 1.3 million tons per year (at peak)
INPEX Oil & Gas Australia Pty. Ltd.
(February 28, 2012)
INPEX Oil & Gas Australia 17.5%,
Shell* 67.5%,
KOGAS 10.0%,
OPIC 5.0%

(As of March 31, 2021)

Prelude FLNG Project

In June 2012, INPEX acquired a 17.5% interest in the Prelude FLNG (floating LNG) Project from Shell during the project’s development stage. The Prelude FLNG Project involves the production of approximately 3.6 million tons per year of LNG, 400 thousand tons per year of LPG at peak and approximately 1.3 million tons of condensate per year at peak from the Prelude and Concerto gas fields located in Block WA-44-L, approximately 475 kilometers north-northeast of Broome, off the coast of Western Australia. Shell as the operator of the Prelude FLNG Project announced its FID in May 2011.

Following the completion and commissioning of production facilities, gas production from the wellhead commenced in December 2018. The first condensate cargo was shipped in March 2019 followed by the first LNG cargo in June 2019. Production was temporarily suspended from February 2020 for the repair and inspection of production facilities. LNG production has since resumed.

FLNG facility

Bayu-Undan Project (PSC-TL-SO-T 19-12 (former JPDA03-12))

Contract area(block) Project status
(production on the basis of all fields and average rate of fiscal year ended December 31, 2020)
Venture company
Interest owned
PSC-TL-SO-T 19-12 In production
-Crude oil: 11 Mbbld
-Natural gas: 537 MMcf/d
-LPG: 5 Mbbld
INPEX Sahul, Ltd.
(March 30, 1993)
INPEX Sahul 19.2458049%
Santos* 80.7541951%
Bayu-Undan Unit INPEX Sahul 11.378120%
Eni 10.985973%
Santos* 68.437907%
Tokyo Timor Sea Resources (JERA/Tokyo Gas) 9.198000%

(As of March 31, 2021)

In April 1993, INPEX acquired an interest in the former JPDA03-12 contract area, located in the Timor Sea joint petroleum development area (JPDA), which was jointly managed by Australia and East Timor. Exploration within this contract area resulted in the discovery of oil and gas fields. Of these, studies revealed that the Undan structure and the Bayu structure, located in the adjacent former JPDA03-13 contract area, were a single structure. The interest holders unitized both contract areas in 1999, allowing joint development of the Bayu-Undan Gas-Condensate Field to proceed. The commercial production and shipment of condensate and LPG started in 2004 followed by LNG in February 2006.

In August 2019, JPDA was abolished as a result of the ratification of a maritime boundary treaty between Australia and East Timor, and the area fell under the sole jurisdiction of the East Timor government. In accordance with the treaty, discussions were held between both governments and PSC contractors. The parties agreed to keep the same conditions as the former PSC and consequently a new PSC with the East Timor government (Block title: PSC-TL-SO-T 19-12) was bound.

Bayu-Undan offshore facility

INPEX has been involved as a non-operating joint venture participant in the Griffin Field located within Permit Area WA-10-L through its wholly owned subsidiary INPEX Alpha, Ltd. The Griffin Decommissioning Progress Report issued by the Operator can be found here.