Corporate social responsibility
at a glance

INPEX is currently engaged in approximately 70 oil and gas projects in
more than 20 countries. All INPEX Group operations are based on
the concept that CSR lies at the heart of corporate management.
The following is an introduction to the CSR initiatives
we conduct around the world, as we strive to become
an essential presence in every society we operate in.


Conservation of biodiversity in and
around project areas

As part of the Ichthys LNG Project, INPEX monitors the environmental impact on dolphin, turtle and dugong populations in Darwin Harbour in order to minimize the impact on the regional ecosystem.


Training on environmentally friendly
organic farming practices

Since 2011, INPEX has provided training on organic farming practices for local farmers in Saumlaki, Maluku Province. The introduction of organic farming without the use of chemical fertilizers has resulted in improved fertility and the safe cultivation of crops for farmers.

Abu Dhabi

Contributions to society that support a relationship of trust lasting over 40 years

INPEX nurtures its relationship of trust with Abu Dhabi through a variety of contributions to local communities, including technical support for pearl farming, sponsorship of the Abu Dhabi Petroleum Institute’s (PI) solar car development project, acceptance of UAE children to the Japanese school and kindergarten in Abu Dhabi and training of UAE University and PI students in Japan.



Safety management involving all personnel

At the Naoetsu LNG Terminal, INPEX keeps all personnel informed on operational risks to prevent accidents and ensure non-stop operations at the facility. At the Nagaoka Field Office, INPEX engages in thorough safety management through initiatives such as holding safety briefings at regular morning meetings.



Great East Japan Earthquake relief support

Between March and April of 2011, shortly after the earthquake struck, INPEX responded to the urgent requirement of fuel in the affected areas by mobilizing INPEX Group-owned tank lorries to deliver petroleum products refined from Japanese crude oil. Today, the company continues to dispatch employees who volunteer to assist relief efforts in stricken areas.

CSR activities at INPEX

INPEX’s core business of oil and natural gas development is,
by its nature, associated with the potential risk of impacting society and
the environment in the event of an accident.

INPEX considers it indispensable to minimize the impact to
society and the environment, and secure the trust of the communities in
which it operates, in order to run its business smoothly.

The INPEX Group will continue to proactively implement CSR activities and
fulfill its responsibilities to a public that grows exponentially with
the expansion of the organization, in order to respond to
the expectations of local communities.

The INPEX Group will push on, so that it may continue to be
a company that contributes to the realization of a sustainable society.

For more information on CSR activities at INPEX, please visit following website.