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INPEX Holds Biannual Event Backing Forest Management in Niigata, Japan

INPEX held its twelfth biannual reforestation event on June 12, 2016 as part of Niigata Prefecture’s Forest Management Support Program. The event was held in the Fudosawa Area of Nagaoka City, an area commonly known as Kitsunedaira Donguri-no-Mori that stretches over approximately 0.8 hectares.

INPEX has held this event since the fall of 2010, with the aim of deepening relations with the local communities and enhancing environmental awareness among INPEX employees through forest management activities in areas where the company runs operational sites. INPEX expects to continue this activity over a period of 10 years until 2019.

A total of 113 participants including 73 INPEX employees and their families, 29 local community members, seven members from a local organization and four members from the Nagaoka promotion bureau conducted weeding activities and righted trees deformed by the weight of snow during winter. Children also enjoyed a logging competition and a craft-making session.


                                               Participants of the twelfth biannual reforestation event

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