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Reports & Presentations: Annual Reports 2014

Annual Report 2014 (Entire File)

Annual Report 2014 PDF 18.6MB

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Annual Report 2014 (By Section)

1.Management Message PDF 1.34MB

• Financial and Operating Highlights PDF 1.93MB
• Business Topics

3.Market Trend and Management Policy
• Business Flow in Oil and Natural Gas Development and Our Strengths PDF 5.23MB
• Business Environment in Oil/Natural Gas Development
• The Medium- to Long-Term Vision of INPEX and Investment Plans
• Company Management Content in Business Model
• Comparison with Global Oil Companies

4.Special Report: Ichthys LNG Project and Gas Supply Chain
  PDF 2.03MB

5.Project Overview
• Segment Overview PDF 6.15MB
• Project Overview by Region
  Asia & Oceania
  Middle East & Africa

6.Sustainability & Governance
• Sustainability PDF 1.59MB
• Corporate Governance

7.Financial & Corporate Information
• Message from the Senior Vice President, Finance & Accounting Division PDF 740KB
• 12-Year Financial Information
• Background Information: Oil and Gas Accounting Policies and Treatment
• Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations
• Consolidated Financial Statements / Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements
• Business Risks
• Oil and Gas Reserves and Production Volume
• Oil and Gas Glossary
• Index / Unit Conversion
• Corporate Information
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