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Annual Report 2012 (Entire File)

Annual Report 2012 (single page)PDF 15.96MB
(a spread)PDF 13.90MB
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Annual Report 2012 (By Section)
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INPEX Snapshot (single page)PDF 1.27MB
(a spread)PDF 1.18MB
image from Annual Report
1. Performance / Message
• Financial and Operating Highlights (single page)PDF 497KB
(a spread)PDF 472KB
• Financial and Operating Highlights (Graphs)
• Major Business Topics
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• Greetings from the Representative Directors (single page)PDF 221KB
(a spread)PDF 221KB
• Message from the President (single page)PDF 800KB
(a spread)PDF 1.67MB
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2. Market Trend and Management Policy
• Profile and History (single page)PDF 1.12MB
(a spread)PDF 2.69MB
• Oil and Gas Development Business
• Business Model of Oil and Gas E&P
• Market Environment and Forecast
• INPEX’s Characteristics and Comparison with Peers
• Medium- to Long-Term Vision of INPEX
• Three Growth Targets and Three Management Policies
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3. Special Report: Ichthys LNG Project
• Ichthys LNG Project (single page)PDF 922KB
(a spread)PDF 999KB
• Large-Scale LNG Project Following Ichthys
image from Annual Report
4. Project Overview
• Project Overview (single page)PDF 5.16MB
(a spread)PDF 5.51MB
• Project Overview by Region
  Asia & Oceania
  Middle East & Africa
• Gas Supply Chain
• Geothermal Power
image from Annual Report
5. Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)
• Corporate Social Responsibility (single page)PDF 467KB
(a spread)PDF 695KB
• Basic HSE Policy
• Safety Management
• Environmental Response
• Contributing to Local Communities
• Fair Trading / Human Resources Development
image from Annual Report
6. Corporate Governance
• Corporate Governance (single page)PDF 1.07MB
(a spread)PDF 1.08MB
• Management System
• Compliance / Disclosure
• Board of Directors, Auditors and Executive Officers
image from Annual Report
7. Financial / Corporate Information
• 11-Year Financial Information (single page)PDF 850KB
(a spread)PDF 3.36MB
• Background Information (Oil and Gas Accounting Policies and Treatment)
• Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations
• Consolidated Financial Statements / Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements
• Independent Auditor’s Report
• Subsidiaries and Affiliates
• Business Risks (single page)PDF 103KB
(a spread)PDF 98KB
• Oil and Gas Reserves and Production Volume (single page)PDF 60KB
(a spread)PDF 104KB
• Oil and Gas Glossary
• Index / Unit Conversion (single page)PDF 81KB
(a spread)PDF 79KB
• Corporate Information
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