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Offshore Mahakam Block and Attaka Unit

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Contract Area Venture Company Interest Owned
* Operator (As of June 30, 2013)
(Est. February 21, 1966)
TOTAL* 50%
Chevron* 50%

INPEX entered into a production sharing contract (PSC) with the Indonesian Government in October 1966, at that time acquiring a 100% participating interest in the Offshore Mahakam Block. The Attaka Unit was established in April 1970 through the unitization of part of the adjacent blocks owned by INPEX and Unocal (now Chevron), with each company taking a 50% interest. Production of crude oil and natural gas began in 1972. INPEX farmed out a 50% participating interest in the Offshore Mahakam Block to CFP (now TOTAL) in July 1970. This venture subsequently made a series of discoveries in the Bekapai (oil), Handil (oil), Tambora (oil and gas), Tunu (gas), Peciko (gas), Sisi and Nubi (gas), as well as the South Mahakam (gas) fields, each of which has continued to produce crude oil and natural gas. The crude oil and condensate produced from these fields are shipped mainly to oil refineries and power companies in Japan by tanker from the Santan and Senipah terminals. Most of the natural gas is supplied to the Bontang LNG Plant, then shipped as LNG to Japan and elsewhere.

The Offshore Mahakam Block will continue to be a key profit center for INPEX. In addition, together with TOTAL (the operator), we have been engaged in negotiations with the Indonesian authorities to secure a contract extension beyond 2018 with respect to the Offshore Mahakam Block.

photo:Handil oil Field

Handil oil Field

South Natuna Sea Block B

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Contract Area Venture Company Interest Owned
* Operator (As of June 30, 2013)
South Natuna Sea Block B INPEX Natuna, Ltd.
(Est. September 1, 1978)
ConocoPhillips* 40%
Chevron 25%

In July 1977, INPEX acquired a 17.5% participating interest in the South Natuna Sea Block B. Later, in January 1994, INPEX increased its total participating interest in the block to 35% with the urchase of an additional 17.5% interest. Crude oil production began in 1979, and supplies of natural gas to Singapore via Indonesia's first international pipeline commenced in 2001. Additional deliveries of natural gas from this pipeline to Malaysia started in 2002. These supply milestones contributed to the extension of the PSC covering the block until 2028.

Production operations in the Belanak oil and gas field, which is part of South Natuna, utilize a world-class floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) system. Production of crude oil and condensate began in December 2004, with LPG production commencing in April 2007. At this same block, production began at the Hiu Gas, Kerisi Oil and Gas, and North Belut Gas fields from 2006 as well as the Bawal Gas Field in July 2012. In addition, a number of development projects are currently under way to maintain and expand output. This includes preparation for development at the South Belut Gas Field.

photo:Belanak oil and gas Field FPSO

Belanak oil and gas Field FPSO

Abadi LNG Project

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Contract Area Venture Company Interest Owned
* Operator (As of June 30, 2013)
Masela INPEX Masela, Ltd.
(Est. December 2, 1998)
INPEX* 65%
Shell 35%

INPEX acquired a 100% participating interest in the Masela Block in November 1998 through an open bid conducted by the Indonesian Government. INPEX proceeded with exploratory activity as the operator, and an exploratory well drilled in 2000 discovered the Abadi Gas Field. Subsequently, six appraisal wells were drilled (two in 2002 and four in 2007–2008), all of which confirmed the presence of gas and condensate column. The Indonesian Government granted its approval to the plan of development for Stage-I (POD-1) for a "floating LNG" with a capacity of 2.5 million tons per year of LNG in December 2010. INPEX is currently conducting FEED works. We are studying the possibilities for further development exploiting its reserves and are currently undertaking the continuous drilling of three appraisal wells and one exploration well.

photo:Image of development

Image of development

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