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Australia & Timor Sea Joint Petroleum Development Area

Ichthys LNG Project and its surrounding blocks

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Contract area(block) Project status Venture company(established) Interest owned(*Operator)
(As of June 30, 2015)
WA-50-L Under development INPEX Ichthys Pty Ltd
(April 5, 2011)
INPEX* 62.245%
TOTAL 30.000%
CPC 2.625%
Tokyo Gas 1.575%
Osaka Gas 1.200%
Kansai Electric Power 1.200%
Chubu Electric Power 0.735%
Toho Gas 0.420%
WA-51-L INPEX Browse, Ltd.
(September 1, 1998)
INPEX Australia Website
WA-285-P Under exploration
WA-341-P INPEX Browse E&P Pty Ltd.
(October 21, 2013)
INPEX* 60%
WA-343-P INPEX* 60%
WA-56-R Under exploration (Oil/gas reservoirs confirmed) INPEX* 60%
AC/P36 Under exploration INPEX* 50%
Murphy 50%
WA-494-P INPEX* 100%
Under exploration (Oil/gas reservoirs confirmed) INPEX 20%
Santos* 30%
Chevron 50%
WA-281-P Under exploration (Oil/gas reservoirs confirmed) INPEX 20.0000%
Santos* 47.8306%
Chevron 24.8300%
Beach 7.3394%
Under exploration INPEX 20%
Santos* 30%
Chevron 50%
WA-502-P INPEX 40%
Santos* 60%
WA-504-P INPEX 40%
Santos* 60%
WA-513-P INPEX 40%
Santos* 60%
WA-514-P INPEX 40%
Santos* 60%

In 1997, INPEX placed an open tender bid to acquire the petroleum exploration permit WA-285-P located approximately 200 km northwest of Western Australia’s Kimberley coast. This bid was accepted in August 1998. During the initial phase of exploration, which began in March 2000, the Company drilled three exploratory wells that confirmed the presence of gas and condensate. As part of a second drilling campaign, INPEX conducted three-dimensional seismic surveys while drilling an additional two wells. These activities helped to identify the existence of sufficient recoverable reserves to warrant commercial development. Thereafter, progressive steps were taken to transition toward development. In addition to undertaking front-end engineering and design (FEED) operations, the Company channeled its energies toward acquiring government approval and engaging in LNG marketing and other related activities from 2009. A final investment decision (FID) was made in January 2012 triggering the start of fully fledged development work. In the ensuing period, INPEX has continued to engage in engineering, equipment procurement and construction work activities with respect to both onshore and offshore production facilities.

Development work was more than half complete as of June 2014 and is currently approaching its peak. Looking at the status of offshore facilities, work continues on the manufacture and installation of a subsea production system as well as the construction of a central processing facility (CPF) and a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) facility. Construction of modules for onshore facilities is under way at yards in China, the Philippines and Thailand. Onsite work to install the first module was undertaken in 2014 with approximately one-third of all module installation work completed as of June 2015. In Darwin, progress is being made on the construction of LNG, LPG and condensate storage tanks as well as other essential equipment and facilities including electric power generation systems and jetties to accommodate module shipment. Currently, pipe-laying work for the 889-km-long gas export pipeline (GEP) that will connect the Ichthys gas-condensate field with onshore facilities in Darwin is in progress. Following successful completion of the shallow water section in November 2014, open ocean work began from February 2015 in conjunction with the drilling of production wells.

INPEX holds 13 exploration blocks in the vicinity of the Ichthys gas-condensate field and is currently engaging in exploration activities. Of this total, evaluation work on the gas already discovered at the three WA-56-R, WA-281-P, and WA-274-P blocks is under way. In the event that substantial amounts of crude oil and natural gas are confirmed as a result of this exploration and evaluation activity, synergies and other effects with the Ichthys LNG Project are expected to further expand business.

Ichthys LNG Project

Ichthys LNG Project Website

INPEX Australia Website

FPSO under construction

Onshore gas liquefaction plant

Prelude FLNG Project (WA-44-L Block)

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Contract area(block) Project status Venture company(established) Interest owned(*Operator)
(As of June 30, 2015)
WA-44-L Under development INPEX Oil & Gas Australia Pty Ltd
(February 28, 2012)
INPEX 17.5%
Shell* 67.5%
KOGAS 10.0%
CPC 5.0%

In June 2012, we acquired from Shell a 17.5% interest in the Prelude FLNG Project, which is located in WA-44-L, approximately 475 km north-northeast of Broome, off the coast of Western Australia. A production, liquefaction and shipment project using FLNG, the Prelude FLNG Project consists of the Prelude and Concerto gas fields and will approximately produce 3.6 million tons per year of LNG, 400 thousand tons per year of LPG at peak and approximately 36 thousand barrels per day of condensate at peak.

Shell (the operator) made the FID on the Prelude FLNG Project, which will be the world’s first FLNG project, in May 2011. Development of the Prelude FLNG Project is currently under way, with the start of production targeted at around 10 years from when the Prelude Gas Field was first discovered in early 2007.

Through its participation as a project partner in the Prelude FLNG Project, INPEX is gaining experience and knowledge about FLNG, which it expects to leverage in the Abadi LNG Project in Indonesia.

Prelude FLNG Project

FLNG vessel

Van Gogh Oil Field, Ravensworth Oil Field and others

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Contract area(block) Project status
(production on the basis of all fields and average rate of FY2015)
Venture company(established) Interest owned(*Operator)
(As of June 30, 2015)
(Van Gogh Oil field)
In production (Resumed since April 2015) INPEX Alpha, Ltd.
(February 17, 1989)
INPEX 47.499%
Apache* 52.501%
(Ravensworth Oil field)
In production
Crude oil: 10 Mbbl/d
INPEX 28.500%
BHPBP* 39.999%
Apache* 31.501%
WA-35-L & WA-55-L Unitization area
(Coniston Oil Field)
In production (Since May 2015) INPEX 47.499%
Apache* 52.501%
(excluding Van Gogh Oil Field)
Under exploration (Oil/gas reservoirs confirmed) INPEX 47.499%
Apache* 52.501%
WA-155-P (Part I) Under exploration (Oil/gas reservoirs confirmed) INPEX 28.5%
Apache 71.5%
WA-155-P (Part II) Under exploration INPEX 18.670%
Apache* 40.665%
OMV 27.110%
JX 7.000%
Tap 6.555%
  • Van Gogh Oil Field, Ravensworth Oil Field and others

    Van Gogh FPSO vessel

INPEX acquired interests in offshore Western Australia WA-155-P (Part I) in July 1999, after which the Van Gogh and Ravensworth oil fields were discovered. The Australian Government granted production licenses for the above oil fields as the WA-35-L and WA-43-L blocks, at which oil production commenced in February and August of 2010, respectively. The development of the Coniston Oil Field, which saddles WA-35-L and WA-55-L, was started in December 2011, and crude oil production commenced in May 2015.

Bayu-Undan Project (JPDA03-12 Block) and Kitan Oil Field (JPDA06-105 Block)

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Contract area(block) Project status
(production on the basis of all fields and average rate of FY2014)
Venture company(established) Interest owned(*Operator)
(As of June 30, 2015)
JPDA03-12 In production
-Crude oil: 24 Mbbl/d
-Natural gas: 519 MMcf/d
(Volume not at wellheads but corresponding to the sales to buyers)
-LPG: 14 Mbbl/d
INPEX Sahul, Ltd.
(March 30, 1993)
INPEX 19.2458049%
ConocoPhillips* 61.3114766%
Santos 19.4427185%
Bayu-Undan Unit INPEX 11.378120%
ConocoPhillips* 56.943372%
Eni 10.985973%
Santos 11.494535%
Tokyo Timor Sea Resources (TEPCO/Tokyo Gas) 9.198000%
(Kitan Oil Field)
In production
-Crude oil: 6 Mbbl/d
INPEX Timor Sea, Ltd.
(November 25, 1991)
Eni* 40%
Talisman 25%

In April 1993, INPEX acquired an interest in JPDA03-12, a contract area located in the Timor Sea JPDA, which is jointly managed by Australia and East Timor. Exploration within this contract area resulted in the discovery of oil and gas fields. Of these, studies revealed that the Undan structure and the Bayu structure in the adjacent JPDA03-13 contract area were a single structure. The interest holders unitized both contract areas in 1999, allowing joint development of the Bayu-Undan Gas-Condensate Field to proceed. The commercial production and shipment of condensate and LPG started in 2004, and LNG in February 2006.

The presence of oil was confirmed through exploration drilling of the Kitan-1 and Kitan-2 wells in March 2008 in the JPDA06-105 contract area, which INPEX acquired in January 1992. Thereafter, we obtained approval for the final development plan from the Timor Sea JPDA authorities in April 2010. After development work, production at the Kitan Oil Field commenced in October 2011.

Bayu-Undan Project (JPDA03-12 Block) and Kitan Oil Field (JPDA06-105 Block)

Kitan Oil Field (Production test)

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