HSE(Health, Safety and Environment)

Our Policy

INPEX has issued an HSE Policy to help ensure the safety and health of all those involved in our business activities while we also strive for the conservation of local ecosystems and the global environment. To implement this Policy firmly, we have established the Corporate HSE Unit which consists of five groups: HSE System Group, Health & Safety Group, Process Safety Group, Security & Crisis Management Group, and Environment Group, at headquarters, to promote HSE management through a robust HSE management System.

HSE Management System (HSEMS)

To ensure the successful implementation of the HSE Policy across the organization, we have been striving to prepare and execute various plans based on the HSEMS through the use of the PDCA methodology. The focus of our effort includes the preparation and revision of key HSE documents such as corporate manuals, standards and guidelines; establishment of HSE organizations; HSE technical support for Operational Organizations; HSE education and training; periodical HSE audit and reviews; and HSE communication activities including periodical HSE meetings in which we discuss and share lessons learned from incidents, publications of the HSE Monthly Report, HSE management site visits, and conferment of HSE Awards.

Management of Health and Safety

We aim to eliminate incidents to ensure that all workers at our worksites return home safe and sound each day. We further aim to keep our employees in good health and take measures against any potential occupational illnesses and hygiene issues that they may face.

Prevention of Major Incidents

In order to prevent major incidents or disasters such as fires, explosions, or large oil spills, we ensure proper due diligence throughout each phase of the project life cycle: exploration, development, production, and abandonment.

Security and Crisis Management

We reinforce the management of overseas security as necessary by considering the recent security circumstances. We also prepare the necessary documents to respond to various types of emergencies, and conduct crisis management exercises to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

We strive to minimize negative impacts on the environment and local communities by conducting environmental and social impact assessments before starting a project, monitoring those impacts through the project's lifecycle, and promoting environmental management based on the monitored results. In addition, in FY2018, we developed the Corporate Environmental Management Plan to manage our environmental activities and promote corporate-wide management based on the plan.

Takahiko Ikeda
Director, Senior Managing
Executive Officer in
charge of HSE

With the aim of realizing sustainable energy development, which is part of our mission, we are required to behave according to high moral values as a member of society and to foster a corporate culture in which the utmost priority is placed on ensuring safety and conserving the environment. In order to maintain a stable energy supply, we need to deploy our business internationally in search of natural resources. In this pursuit, while we continue to comply with international norms and standards, we must also continue to nurture a corporate culture that will be received by the international community with open arms.

To help achieve our missions, the group-wide HSE Policy is in place to ensure operations in line with the HSE Management System (HSEMS) based on international standards. The Corporate HSE Committee consisting of the representative of each organization is to deliberate and endorse corporate rules and documents that structure the HSEMS. And the HSEMS Manual comprehensively identifies our HSE activities for fulfilling our commitment to the HSE Policy. All of which supports us in striving for continuous improvement of occupational safety and environmental conservation in our operations.

We have been implementing the Corporate HSE Third Phase Mid-term Plan (FY2016-2020) since fiscal 2016, with the aim of enhancing our HSE competency to the same level as that of the first tier group of independent International Oil Companies (IOCs)*1. In fiscal 2018, we expanded HSE management scope and revised the related internal rules along with the Corporate HSE Objectives and Programs that were developed in line with the Mid-term Plan. By so doing, we will promote consistent HSE management, and improve HSE performance of all Group companies.

We believe it is our social responsibility, as a global company, to demonstrate to a wide range of stakeholders our commitment to the HSE Policy by pushing specific HSE activities. With unyielding determination to grow into a company worthy of admiration, we will continue to press forward with our HSE activities.

  1. *1International Oil Company
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