Our Policy

In order to constantly strengthen responsible management, INPEX, as a global organization, values workforce diversity and the development of global employees who share common values.. To achieve the goals, the HR Division formulated the INPEX HR VISION, which is comprised of four key elements. HR activities based on these elements are implemented from a global perspective, linking employee development to team performance to contribute to a globally competitive organization.

In fiscal 2018, to further enhance efforts toward diversity, one of the INPEX Values, INPEX communicated the diversity and inclusion (D&I) policy to all stakeholders.*1 Going forward, it plans to push ahead with D&I and improve capabilities across the organization to raise its general appeal as a company receiving higher evaluation from the global community.

  1. *1D&I-related message


Talent Attraction and

Make INPEX the best place to work - “employer of choice”

  • Job satisfaction and opportunity for growth
  • Competitive reward programs- “Total Reward”
Organization Effectiveness

Maximize organizational performance through HR Management Process

  • Workforce planning and organization review
  • Appropriate placement within the organization
Focus on People

Future leaders and global workforce capability

  • Recognize and invest in future leaders
  • Proper talent management cycle
  • Access to diverse development programs
HR Excellence

Support business strategy with world-class functional expertise

  • Effective, innovative, and trusted HR processes and systems
  • Develop HR professionals
  • Collaborate globally and share best practices

Diversity & Inclusion

Representative Director, President & CEO
Takayuki Ueda

To INPEX group, “diversity” is all the differences between the people in our business, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, beliefs, religion, background, disabilities and care responsibility, as well as the differences in our knowledge and experience. “Inclusion” means creating a workplace and relationships in which any person can feel valued and respected.

A workplace that supports diversity engages and motivates all of its people, driving innovation and enhancing organizational capability.

Diversity as one of our values will make us a strong, global, profitable and respected company.