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Environmental Impact of Our Business Activities

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■ Cost of Environmental Technologies
Environmental Investments in FY2011- Implementation and Effects (April 2011–March 2012)
Objectives Items for Investment Location/Facility Investment
(thousand yen)
Investment Subtotal
(thousand yen)
FY2011 Environmental Benefit
(ther previous year)
Environmental Benefit
New Installation Upgrade/ Repair/ Maintenance
Global Warming Countermeasures
(includes cost of energy conservation measures)
Installed energy-efficient V-belts in pumping units and injection pumps Akita Well Site at Akita Field Office 1,000   1,000 Electricity consumption: Reduced by approx. 13,000kWh/year  Switching to energy-efficient V-belts prevented energy loss and reduced electricity consumption by an average of 4% per pump unit
Fitted vapor pressure depression machines with heat retention covers Niigata Nagaoka Field Office
Gas Extraction Facility
1,400   1,400 Fuel gas: Reduced by approx. 2,600m3/year Minimizing heat loss from crude oil in vapor pressure depression machines reduced fuel gas consumption
Laid transfer piping for VOC removal devices Niigata Kubiki Refinery 700   700 Electricity consumption: Reduced by approx. 16,977kWh/year Laying transfer piping made it possible for a single VOC removal machine to be used, improving operating efficiency and reducing electricity comsumption
Installed mechanical seals for sliding parts of coolant water/water drawing pumps Niigata Kubiki Refinery 400   400 Electricity consumption: Reduced by approx. 13,160kWh/year Fitting with mechanical seals reduced power loss and electricity consumption
Modified on/off mechanism for lighting Niigata Minami Aga Field Office, Office Building 291   291   Higher operating efficiency resulted in reduced electricity consumption
Global Warming Mitigation, Energy Conservation, Resource Conservation Installed small-volume pumps for coolant water wells Niigata Kubiki Refinery 880   880 Electricity consumption: Reduced by approx. 109,272kWh/year  Installation of small-volume pump led to reduction in electricity consumption
  Installed VOC removal device Niigata Nagaoka Field Office
Sekihara Plant
159,000   159,000 VOC emissions: Reduced by 8t/year
(during full operations)
Installation of a catalytic VOC removal device reduced the amount of VOCs in gas emissions
Changed pump drive engine Niigata Teiseki Drilling Co., Ltd. 38,050   38,050 Gas emission measurements after engine change
NOx concentration: 78% reduction
SOx concentration: 35% reduction
PM emissions: 80% reduction
Switching the pump engine reduced the amount of NOx, SOx, and PM in gas emissions
Noise Prevention Constructed soundproof wall to prevent noise Niigata Minami Aga Field Office
Shin-Kuwayama Plant
632   632 Noise reduction rate: 12.5% Installation of a soundproof wall reduced noise from gas engines and injection pumps
Conservation of Natural Environment Raised seedlings and test planted saplings for afforestation Niigata Construction Site for LNG receiving terminal   170,000 170,000   Continued raising seedlings in a greenhouse on site and test planted saplings for Environmentally Friendly Green Space Development Plan
Investment total 202,353 170,000 372,353  

Environmental Investments (latest)

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