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Social Contribution

INPEX Group Contributes to Local Communities All Around the World

Education and Fostering Future Generations

Scholarship Support (INPEX Scholarship Foundation)

This Foundation was established in 1981 with the aim of contributing to strengthen the understanding and friendship between Japan and the host country through scholarship support to students of each country. Since established, this Foundation continues to provide scholarship support to Indonesian students studying in graduate schools in Japan, and to Japanese students studying in graduate schools or other organizations in Indonesia. The numbers of students that this Foundation supported from 1981 to 2018 are 132 Indonesian and 56 Japanese students. Many students supported by this Foundation contribute to their counties in the fields of Research & Development which they studied in graduate schools or other organizations.

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Sponsorship of University Courses

INPEX sponsors courses at the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School, the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Public Policy and Hitotsubashi University Graduate School. At three graduate schools, a total of 1,991 students has attended lectures on energy policy and environmental policy as well as by conducting tours of INPEX facilities and holding international symposia on energy problems. We contribute to the education and development of students who will become tomorrow’s leaders.

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Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

The Ichthys LNG Project has been supporting the Michael Long Learning and Leadership Centre (MLLLC) in Darwin since 2016. The MLLLC provides a five-day educational program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander school students from remote communities in the Northern Territory. The program incorporates a variety of activities including educational, sporting and health sessions, and the Project’s funding has enabled daily numeracy and literacy classes to be included into the program. Admittance into the MLLLC program requires an 80% school attendance rate and this criteria encourages students to regularly attend school and qualify for the trip to Darwin to participate in the program. In 2017, 115 students from ten communities across the Northern Territory attended the program.

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Scholarship Program

INPEX supports an education program aimed at developing local communities near the Abadi LNG Project in Indonesia and nurturing the next generation of community leaders. Since 2014, we have selected and offered scholarships to students in the cities of Ambon and Saumlaki in Maluku Province who wish to receive a university education or pursue research. With this scholarship fund, we have supported 454 students until 2017 and are supporting an additional 130 students in 2018.

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Vocational Training for United Arab Emirates Students

INPEX conducts a three-week vocational training program in Japan for students of UAE University and Khalifa University. The program includes lectures on oil development, geological excursions, workshops with Japanese students and a tour of the Naoetsu LNG Terminal. A total of 174 students have enrolled in this training, conducted each year since 1993. Most of the program’s past participants are employed at Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and its group companies, and are contributing to fields related to oil development in Abu Dhabi.

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Support for the Popularization of Judo and Youth Development

In order to help popularize judo in the UAE and nurture junior judo players who will become tomorrow’s leaders, INPEX supports the activities of Judo Coach dispatched by Tokai University / Solidarity of International Judo Education to the UAE Judo Federation and the Judo Japanese Ambassador’s Cup tournament in Abu Dhabi. The second Judo Japanese Ambassador’s Cup tournament held in November 2017 was open to junior athletes representing Judo clubs from all seven emirates in the UAE, and involved approximately 60 participants who competed before an audience that included H.E. Kanji Fujiki, Japanese Ambassador in the UAE. The tournament also featured an exhibition match between a female judo wrestler representing the UAE national team and a Japanese female judo wrestler.

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Support for Local Communities

Passing Down Traditional Weaving Techniques

INPEX has been conducting training for local people since 2011 with the objective of preserving, passing down, and promoting the culture of ikat, traditional woven textiles from the Tanimbar Islands in Maluku Province. This is part of the Company's programs aimed at empowering local communities. In collaboration with the Cooperative and Small Medium Enterprise Agency of the local government, INPEX supported a fashion show held in Saumlaki city in June 2016 attended by local government officials and other participants to showcase this activity. In April 2017, we contributed to the promotion of ikat by sponsoring an ikat fashion show in Tokyo which was organized by the West Southeastern Maluku Regency of Maluku Province jointly with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia. In March 2018, we received the Gold Prize in the category of Community Based Development Program of the PR Indonesia Awards 2018 in recognition of our training program for local people.

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Activities in Support of the Local Community

Since 2014, at the Gas Guarico Project in Venezuela, INPEX has contributed to the repair and maintenance of school grounds and buildings as an ongoing project to further the enrichment of elementary education in the local communities of La Ardita, Guatacarito, and Caro de La Negra, located in the vicinity of the plant.

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Understanding coastal dolphins

In 2017, an Ichthys LNG Project funded program, the Conservation status of coastal dolphins program, was concluded. The program concentrated on dolphins and their use of habitats off the coast of the Northern Territory. Through the three-year program, more than 1,000 dolphins were observed across 39 sites equating to over 14,000 kilometers. Based on this, maps of key areas for different species of dolphins were also identified and recommendations for conservation management.

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