Contribution to Regional Communities

Reducing Environmental Impact

Environmental approval was granted in 2011 by the Federal and Northern Territory Governments following submission of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). INPEX is now working to offset GHG emissions through reforestation projects. The company also plans to conduct a project to manage fires in the savannah.

Contribution to local communities

In developing the Ichthys LNG Project, INPEX emphasizes the importance of communication with local communities to establish a mutual understanding with indigenous people. The company is committed to providing employment and business opportunities in the areas in which it operates. As part of the Ichthys LNG Project Industry Participation Plan, INPEX is committed to maximizing opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) businesses. The company also implemented an ATSI business engagement strategy designed to further assist with identifying and including ATSI businesses into the Project’s supply chain.

Training and Education

INPEX contributed to the construction of the North Australian Centre for Oil and Gas at Charles Darwin University, as part of its efforts to help build a sustainable workforce for the expanding oil and gas industry. The Center provides a range of vocational training programs relevant to the oil and gas industry as well as consultancy and research capabilities targeted at the specific needs of oil and gas operations and development in the region.