INPEX Value Creation

Delivering tomorrow's energy solutions

Our goal is to become a leading energy company serving an essential role in society by fulfilling our mission to deliver energy in a sustainable way. By achieving the three business targets described in Vision 2040,
we will strive for stable supply of energy and other value creation. By implementing CSR management in line with the six material issues we have identified, we will contribute to the growth of our company as well as the creation of a brighter future of society.

Priorities for INPEX

Meet growing global energy demand

Energy demand is expected to continue to increase in future due to the expansion of the global middle-class population and economic growth, mainly in emerging countries. To meet growing global energy demand, INPEX will continue to position oil and natural gas E&P activities as its core business and expand its E&P activities by efficiently engaging in large-scale LNG operator projects and other exploration, development and production projects.

Help increase Japan's self-development ratio of oil and natural gas

It is essential for Japan, which relies on imports for the majority of oil and natural gas, to ensure the stable supply of resources and energy. To increase Japan's self-development ratio, INPEX will steadily supply oil and natural gas to the Japanese market from projects in its core business areas of Australia, Abu Dhabi, Indonesia and Japan, as well as other areas around the world.

Accelerate response to climate change and promote low-carbon footprint in operations

Based on the long-term, globally shared goals of the Paris Agreement, the entire international community will need to work proactively to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a low-carbon society. To accelerate our response to climate change and promote a low-carbon footprint in operations, INPEX will promote the development of natural gas and step up renewable energy initiatives. In addition, INPEX will appropriately manage greenhouse gas emissions from its operations and develop technologies for the practical application of CCS (Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage) to capture and store CO2.

INPEX's Strengths

A highly competitive project portfolio

INPEX has a highly competitive global project portfolio, primarily in its core business areas of Australia, Abu Dhabi, Indonesia and Japan, and is working to further enhance its corporate value by engaging in various projects and achieving strategic project portfolio flexibility.

Close partnerships with oil-producing countries
Source: provided by Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO)

INPEX is promoting projects by strengthening close partnerships with the governments of oil-producing countries. In Abu Dhabi, based on its long-standing relationship of trust with the Abu Dhabi government and ADNOC, INPEX has acquired and extended interests in the oil fields which contain significant reserves.

Technical capabilities to carry out projects

In accordance with the Technology Roadmap, INPEX has been working to enhance its exploration, development and production capabilities. Building on the technical capabilities and experiences gained through the Ichthys LNG Project as operator, INPEX will enhance its technical capabilities to further improve project operations and address climate change issues.

Diverse human resources experienced in exploration, development, operations, marketing and other areas

By strategically investing in R&D, human resources and other areas, INPEX is improving its technical and operational capabilities in exploration, development and production, and is cultivating a highly diverse workforce active around the world.

Steady growth in cash flow and a solid and stable financial base

INPEX effectively carries out major projects in its core business areas of Australia, Abu Dhabi, Indonesia and Japan, either as operator or as an active partner with steadily growing cash flow and a solid and stable financial base.

Support from the government of Japan

When engaging in projects that entail high risks and require large, long-term investments, INPEX makes use of the financial support provided by JOGMEC, JBIC, NEXI and other organizations and benefits from the Japanese government's diplomatic support at the highest level.