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INPEX Holds Biannual Forest Management Event in Niigata, Japan(Fall 2019)

INPEX held its 19th biannual reforestation event on October 14, 2019 as part of Niigata Prefecture’s Forest Management Support Program. The event was held in the Fudosawa Area of Nagaoka City, an area commonly known as Kitsunedaira Donguri-no-Mori that stretches over approximately 0.8 hectares.

INPEX has held this event since 2010, with the aim of nurturing exchanges with the local communities and enhancing environmental awareness among INPEX employees through forest management activities in areas where the company runs operational sites.


A total of 115 participants consisting of INPEX employees and their families and members of local organizations including the Nagaoka bureau of regional promotion took part in tree planting and weeding activities. Following the activities, the participants held a social gathering to promote friendship between INPEX and the local communities.

The event was featured in several regional television news broadcasts including Niigata Sogo Television (NST) (Fuji Television network) and Broadcasting System of Niigata (BSN) (Nippon Television network).

Going forward, INPEX will continue implementing social contribution activities including biodiversity conservation measures targeting the communities in which it operates.

Participants of the 17th biannual reforestation event
Tree planting activities

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