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INPEX Provides Vocational Training for United Arab Emirates Students

INPEX, through its subsidiary, Japan Oil Development Co., Ltd. (JODCO), hosted 3 petroleum engineering majors from Khalifa University in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on an annual vocational training program held in Japan from June 3 to July 26, 2019.

The curriculum of this year’s program included lectures on project management and field visits to INPEX Technology Research Institute, well pipe manufacturers, INPEX’s Naoetsu LNG Terminal, etc.

INPEX has been providing training programs for undergraduates from the UAE since 1993, and a total of 196 students have participated in the training so far. The majority of these participants currently work at companies such as Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and play active roles in the industries related to oil development in the UAE.


In order to maintain and develop the good relationship with Abu Dhabi in the future, INPEX will actively take measures to promote not only oil development business but also social contribution activities such as the development of the next generation.


                                 Visit to Minami-Nagaoka Gas Field                                               Visit to Naoetsu LNG Terminal

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