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INPEX Receives Letter of Appreciation from Hitotsubashi University

INPEX received a letter of appreciation from Hitotsubashi University for the company’s endowment of the Chair of Management of Energy Business at the university’s Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (ICS) since 2014. Professor Ryuji Yasuda of ICS presented the letter of appreciation to President & CEO Toshiaki Kitamura on July 22 in recognition of INPEX’s contribution to the endowed chair as well as its understanding and support of ICS’s initiatives in education and research.

ICS was established in April 1998 as one of the first professional graduate schools in Japan to institute a world-class business curriculum providing an education that would attract numerous students from around the world.


This endowed chair is recognized as one of the very few courses in Japan to study energy management from a business administration perspective. The annual course is run by Counselor Noboru Tezuka, an appointed professor dispatched from INPEX, and features guest lectures given by INPEX top management as well as tours of INPEX facilities in Niigata Prefecture. Through the endowed chair, INPEX has supported the development of domestic and international human resources familiar with the energy business.


                                       Receiving the letter of appreciation                                           Group photo with students

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