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INPEX Backs Girls' Education in Darwin, Australia

INPEX and its Ichthys LNG Project partners are involved in an educational program targeting the approximately 120 young female students of Palmerston Girls Academy in Darwin in partnership with Role Models and Leaders Australia, a non-profit organization that operates the academy and provides assistance particularly to Indigenous Australian youth throughout Western Australia, the Northern Territory and New South Wales.

INPEX and its partners recently donated A$60,000 to fund initiatives aimed at boosting retention and levels of attainment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls in Years 7~12. In addition, A$40,000 was provided to purchase a mini-bus to support the program’s student cultural activities, excursions and camps.

The Palmerston Girls Academy helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls reach their full potential, become role models in their communities and identify their career paths.

Given the Ichthys LNG Project operations that will take place in Darwin over the next 40 plus years, INPEX, as a member of the local community, is committed to help build a bright future for these young women through education.


                                      Students of Palmerston Girls Academy                                     Mini-bus funded by INPEX

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