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INPEX Participates in Forest Management Support Program (Spring 2015)

INPEX participated in the tenth biannual Forest Management Support Program event held on June 14, 2015 in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture as one of the Forest Management Support Programs which Niigata prefecture promotes.

INPEX has been participating in this biannual event since the fall of 2010, with the aim of helping improve the local environment, deepening relations with the local communities and enhancing environmental awareness among INPEX employees. A total of 202 participants including 121 INPEX employees, their families, local community members and the Chuetsu-Yotsuba forestry association conducted forest management activities such as weeding and gathering branches of trees planted in the past. They also enjoyed refreshments at a countryside-style café and a craft-making session supported by a local organization.


                                         202 participants joined                                                Weeding activities

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