Ichthys LNG Project

Ichthys LNG Project commences operations
Bridging two nations

Twenty years after the discovery of hydrocarbons in the Ichthys Field off the north coast of Western Australia, INPEX has taken a huge step forward with the commencement of Ichthys LNG production.
In 2018, INPEX-operated Ichthys LNG Project celebrated the start of condensate, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) production from its offshore facilities and the LNG processing facilities in Darwin.
Ichthys LNG Project plays a significant role in bridging two nations, by delivering long-term energy security to Japan while providing lasting social and economic benefits to Australia.

The Hon Scott Morrison MP, Prime Minister of Australia and H.E.Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan commemorating the commencement of operations
Commemorating the commencement of operations
Commemorating the commencement of operations

Message from the management

Hitoshi Okawa
President Director INPEX Australia

INPEX has entered an exciting new chapter of the Ichthys LNG Project.
This amazing achievement was only possible through the efforts of INPEX personnel and our construction workforce, along with the strong support from the Australian and Japanese governments, our stakeholders and host communities.
The start-up of Ichthys LNG production marks a significant milestone for the company. It helps us to establish a centre of excellence to grow our business sustainably and increase our corporate value. It allows us to plan for the future to further grow our global business portfolio and help INPEX to realise its Vision 2040.

Bill Townsend
Deputy Vice President Corporation Coordination

Darwin's Bladin Point was transformed and now accommodates operating LNG facilities.
Extensive environmental research and monitoring activities helped us to minimise impact on the surrounding environment and also contributed to building on existing environmental knowledge of Darwin Harbour.
The construction of our offshore and onshore mega facilities created considerable job and business opportunities in Australia. Many hundreds of locals are now working each day to support the operation and maintenance of the project.
Building the next generation is important to us and we invest in the education and wellbeing of youth. We have committed to support economic and social advancement of the Larrakia traditional owners for the next 40 years.
With production of Ichthys LNG Project underway, we have new opportunities ahead of us to deliver long-term social and economic benefits to our host communities.

Contributing to Japan's energy security

Japan is the world's largest LNG importer, and at full capacity, Ichthys LNG Project is expected to supply approximately 10 percent of Japan's LNG imports, thereby ensuring Japan's energy security and reliability for decades.

LNG Production Volume:

Approx. 8.9 million tons per year

Boosting Australia's economic growth

Ichthys LNG Project created thousands of job and business opportunities in Australia through its construction and will continue to contribute to the Australian economy for decades to come.

Nearly 50%

Australian content for
its construction commitment

Greater than 10,000

construction workforce at peak

A$195 billion

in exports for Australia*

A$190 billion

in additional GDP for Australia*

  • *Economic benefits forecasted for 2012-2050 by ACIL Allen Consulting

Creating long-lasting social impact

Signing ceremony of Larrakia Benefits Package

Since 2012, more than A$4 million has been invested in community programs in Australia, in particular on initiatives that support the education and wellbeing of the next generation.
Furthermore, in 2018, INPEX, on behalf of the Ichthys Joint Venture, agreed with the Larrakia people to an A$24 million funding agreement to be delivered over 40 years.

A$24 million

committed for the Larrakia community

More than A$4 million

invested in community programs

Contributing to a sustainable environment

Rangers in the Savanna Fire Management program

Ichthys LNG Project is investing in marine and terrestrial research programs to enhance knowledge of and protect the environment in Australia. By financing the Savanna Fire Management program, INPEX is working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to reduce its carbon footprint.

A$34 million contributed

in the Savanna Fire Management program