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HSE Objectives and Plans

FY2017 Corporate HSE Objectives and Achieve Level of HSE Program
(Period Covered: April, 2017-March, 2018)

[Ratings]Implemented as planned:100%-70%Partially implemented:70%-20%Not implemented; significantly behind schedule:20%-0%

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Launch of the Corporate HSE 3rd Phase Mid-term Plan(FY2016-2020)
Mid-term Objective We will improve our HSE Management System (hereinafter called "HSE MS") to be more efficient and consistent by way of introducing the guideline (OMS510) newly developed by IOGP, and by utilizing the improved HSE MS in managing HSE activities undertaken at the INPEX Group, including non-operator projects and domestic subsidiaries.
2017 Corporate HSE Objectives We will restructure the Corporate HSE MS in line with the revised HSE Policy and HSE MS Manual. We will also revise the Corporate HSE Procedures, and expand the scope of the HSE MS.
Items to Accomplish Evaluation Evaluation and Way Forward
Revise the Corporate HSE Standards Implemented as planned
  • We revised 5 of the Corporate HSE Standards (which is renamed from Corporate HSE Procedures) in line with the revised HSE MS Manual.
Add the Non Operator JV Project HSE Management to the scope of the Corporate HSE management System Manual Partially implemented
  • We discussed HSE management for non-operator projects and we are continuing to consider about them through the next fiscal year.
  • Prepare the HSE training materials (e-learning) for HQ personnel based on the new Corporate HSE training scheme and start to use them.
  • Execute the 2017 Corporate HSE Training Program.
Implemented as planned
  • We implemented 3 e-learning courses for HQ personnel as new Corporate HSE training materials (attendance ratio is over 85%).
  • We executed Corporate 2017 HSE Training Program as planned.
Enhance HSE Assurance and Governance
Mid-term Objective We will conduct HSE audits and reviews systematically and progressively with companywide cooperation. We will enhance companywide HSE assurance and governance by utilizing the results from such audits and reviews.
2017 Corporate HSE Objectives We will ensure the effectiveness of the HSE MS and Anzen Dai Ichi (Safety First). We will implement the HSE review program as planned and undertake a risk-based audit.
Items to Accomplish Evaluation Evaluation and Way Forward
Conduct HSE audits and HSE reviews Implemented as planned
  • We conducted the risk management-based corporate HSE audit at 3 Operational Organizations.
  • We participated in HSE reviews responding to requests from the site (15 reviews in total).
Pursue HSE Technical Support
Mid-term Objective We will enhance HSE technical supports by appropriately utilizing companywide HSE resources.
2017 Corporate HSE Objectives We will provide any HSE supports in need to improve the HSE implementation level in companywide. We will enhance HSE technical and security management support not only for our operator and non-operator projects but also our domestic subsidiary companies and marine transport etc.
Items to Accomplish Evaluation Evaluation and Way Forward
Provide HSE technical support beyond the operator projects and enhance the security management support Implemented as planned
  • We provided more than 17 supports such as safety cases preparations for operator projects.
Strengthen HSE Management at Worksites
Mid-term Objective Recognizing HSE management on a site basis is extremely important, we will create a structure in which every individual employee on site is able to participate in HSE activities and incorporate his/her own experiences and ideas into the structure.
2017 Corporate HSE Objectives We will promote HSE Leadership companywide and strengthen HSE management at work sites by sharing lessons learned from across INPEX which will be reinforced by management site visits.
Items to Accomplish Evaluation Evaluation and Way Forward
Conduct HSE Management Site Visit to demonstrate HSE leadership and to share lessons learned Implemented as planned
  • We held HSE Forum in November 2017 in which we shared lessons learned in managing contractor HSE as well as enhanced INPEX 7 Safety Rules guidelines.
  • We conducted 8 management site visits whereas 6 was initially planned.
Thoroughly manage Major Accident Event via the Risk Management Process
Mid-term Objective We will thoroughly manage Major Accident Event (hereinafter called "MAE") prevention through entrenching the Safety Case approach, as well as process safety management and various activities to maintain integrity of facilities and equipment.
2017 Corporate HSE Objectives We will further enhance risk management to reduce the risk of major incidents to ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable). We will continue with the development and review of Safety Cases for major hazard facilities, and promote barrier management.
Items to Accomplish Evaluation Evaluation and Way Forward
Enhance HSE Risk Management Process Implemented as planned
  • We collected and analyzed Top 10 HSE Risks and MAE Risk from all Operational Organization thoroughout FY 2017.
  • We presented and reported quaterly (i.e. 4 times) HSE Risk Management Activity to EXCOM.
Develop and utilize Safety Cases Implemented as planned We have formulated a Safety Case Review and Implementation Plan for FY 2017 and exectued the plan as following but not limited to:
  • Completion and implementation of OTN Operations Safety Case
  • Completion and implementation of Gas Guarico Operations Safety Case
  • Review of Ichthys Safety Case(s)
  • Completion of Tomi Booster Station Safety Case
Implement Asset Integrity Process Safety Assuarance Reviews Implemented as planned We have formulated Asset Integrity Process Safety Assurance Review (hereinafter called "AIPS AR") Plan for FY 2017, and executed the plan as following but not limited to:
  • AIPS AR for DOM (Domestic Exploration & Production Division)
  • AIPS AR arrangement and finalization for Gas GuaricoGG
Reduce the Number of Incidents
Mid-term Objective We will introduce HSE leading KPIs companywide, continue to monitor and evaluate them, thereby positioning ourselves in the top 25th percentile of IOGP member companies.
2017 Corporate HSE Objectives We will aim for zero-incidents and make every effort to achieve LTIF and TRIR of less than 0.12 and 0.81 that fall within the upper 25% of the IOGP participating companies. We will improve the incident reporting system and enhance HSE leading indicators.
Items to Accomplish Evaluation Evaluation and Way Forward
Reduce the number of incidents Partially implemented
  • The result was LTIF: 0.28 / TRIR: 1.74, both fell below the initial target.
  • We continued to work on incident reduction by enhancing the way of incident investigation and analysis, building a system to share lessons learned on a company-wide basis, as well as new initiatives such as introduction of global incident reporting software.
Manage occupational health Partially implemented
  • We are continuing to consider establishing a structure for company-wide occupational health management.
Reinforce Emergency and Crisis Response Capabilities
Mid-term Objective We will entrench the Incident Command System companywide for responding to emergency and crisis situations as we acquire the ability to deal with all major threats.
2017 Corporate HSE Objectives We will improve our emergency response capability by the implementation of drills which assume a Tokyo metropolitan earthquake, an emergency at Ichthys operations and a major accident of gas leak from the pipelines. These drills shall be a reflection of the lessons learned and will be more pragmatic than before.
Items to Accomplish Evaluation Evaluation and Way Forward
Entrench the ICS based emergency response procedures Implemented as planned
  • We participated in Oil Spill Readiness Review and an emergency response exercise for the Ichthys project in view of commencing production.
  • We conducted an emergency response exercise by launching a provisional crisis response headquarters assuming that functions at the headquarters are partially interrupted because of a Tokyo inland earthquake.
  • We conducted a pipeline break & gas leak emergency exercise.
Enhance the effectiveness of security management Implemented as planned
  • The security management review progressed as planned.
  • We reviewed 2 of the security management related guidelines.
  • We implemented the travel security related e-learning in February.
  • We conducted 3 trainings for the purpose of crime countermeasures such as for terrorism or kidnap.
Enhance Environmental Management and Drive Forward Climate Change Risk Management
Mid-term Objective We will ensure that environmental and social issues are managed based on the legal and other requirements and the IFC Performance Standards. We will select issues that will contribute to lower environmental load and develop plans to manage them as we continue the greenhouse gas (hereinafter called "GHG") management.
2017 Corporate HSE Objectives We will assess how the environmental impacts are caused by our business, and provision the plans to avoid and mitigate the environmental impacts. We will also continue to manage the GHG emissions risk, by improving the structured process for risk management related to climate changes.
Items to Accomplish Evaluation Evaluation and Way Forward
Continue GHG emissions risk management Implemented as planned
  • Regarding the Commitment to a Low Carbon Society joined through Japan Petroleum Development Association (Sekkoren), we calculated the actual result of our GHG emissions during FY2016 and conducted a comparison analysis between the actual data and the 2016 initial estimate.
  • We reported our GHG emissions to IOGP, CDP, Dow Jones, etc.
  • We established a structure to measure and report methane leaks of our operator projects and measured the amount.
Establish plans for the environmental impact assessment of our business and countermeasures to avoid or mitigate the impacts Implemented as planned
  • We activated the Environmental Management Working Group and had quarterly discussions over company-wide environmental concerns. As a result, we identified company-wide challenges and conducted surveys relating to water management and biodiversity for future considerations.
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