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HSE Objectives and HSE Program

FY2016 Key Corporate HSE Objectives and Achievement in HSE Program
(April 2016 through March 2017)

[Ratings]Implemented as planned:100%-70%Partially implemented:70%-20%Not implemented; significantly behind schedule:20%-0%

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Launch Corporate The Corporate HSE 3rd Phase Mid-term Plan(FY2016-2020)
Mid-term Objective By introducing the newly defined guidelines (OMS 510), we will make HSEMS more effective and consistent, and apply it to HSE management of all companies including non-operator projects and domestic operating subsidiaries.
2016 Corporate HSE Objectives Launching corporate 3 year HSE mid-term plan(FY2016-2020). In FY 2016, we will introduce IOGP's newly defined guidelines and revise HSE Management System Manual.
Actions implemented Evaluation Evaluation and Future Responses
Revise the HSE Policy and HSEMS Manual to meet the OMS 510 Implemented as planned
  • We revised HSE Policy and HSEMS Manual.
  • We reviewed the composition of the Operational organization by the working group and reflected the results in the HSE Management System Manual.
Develop a new HSE management guideline for Non Operator Joint Venture (NOJV) and domestic subsidiaries, and communicate it Partially implemented
  • Guidelines for management of NOJV and domestic operating subsidiaries are to be prepared based on the result of NOJV Initial Assessment.
  • NOJV Initial Assessment is in progress
  • In the next fiscal year, we will support the creation of concrete management plan for FY2017 for newly targeted HSEMS projects.
  • Develop a new Corporate HSE training scheme and prepare to roll it out.
  • Develop and implement 2016 Corporate HSE training and OJT programs.
Implemented as planned
  • We are creating Corporate HSE Training scheme and preparing for implementation, and we plan to carry out documentation next year.
  • We implemented Corporate 2016 HSE Training/OJT program as plan.
Enhance HSE Assurance and Governance
Mid-term Objective We systematically and aggressively carry out HSE audits and HSE reviews, etc. under company-wide collaboration. By utilizing the results, we will enrich our HSE Assurance and Governance system across the entire company.
2016 Corporate HSE Objectives We will conduct HSE audits and reviews systematically and progressively with companywide cooperation. We will enhance companywide HSE assurance and governance by utilizing the results from such audits and reviews.
Actions implemented Evaluation Evaluation and Future Responses
Conduct HSE audits and HSE reviews Implemented as planned
  • We implemented Corporate HSE Audit on Ichthys and Gas Guarico. - We examined the risk-based auditing concept to strengthen the assurance and governance, and drafted the implementation scheme.
  • Based on the 2016 HSE review plan, we conducted 18 HSE reviews.
  • We conducted HSE management site visits by vice presidents and officers to 4 sites.
Pursue HSE technical support
Mid-term Objective We will enhance HSE technical supports by appropriately utilizing internal companywide HSE resources and, where required, securing external HSE resources.
2016 Corporate HSE Objectives We will initiate HSE management of the geothermal business, non-operator projects and domestic subsidiaries in addition to enhancing the existing HSE management of the Gas Guarico expansion construction, the Kiso-shisui, a long-term operation of INK project, and the LNG tanker building and operation.
Actions implemented Evaluation Evaluation and Future Responses
Develop a companywide human resources inventory scheme. Implemented as planned
  • We implemented HSE support for seven projects.
Corporate HSEU will provide technical support to the following:
  • - Kisoshisui Drilling Project
  • - INK
  • - LNG tanker building and operation
  • - Gas Guarico
  • - NOJVs
  • - Domestic subsidiaries
  • - Geothermal projects
Implemented as planned
  • We implemented HSE support for seven projects.
Strengthen HSE Management at Worksites
Mid-term Objective Recognizing HSE management capability at sites is extremely important, we will create a working environment whereby every individual employee on site is able to engage in HSE activities and incorporate his/her own experiences and ideas into the structure.
2016 Corporate HSE Objectives We will strengthen HSE management at worksites through collaborative HSE activities. We will collect and analyze the HSE lessons learnt from construction projects that each Operational Organization has undertaken and widely disseminate the results.
Actions implemented Evaluation Evaluation and Future Responses
  • Collecting, analyzing and communicating the HSE lessons learnt from construction projects
  • Hold an HSE Forum for onsite HSE supervisors.
Implemented as planned
  • We held the HSE Forum in October 2016 and shared the results of the discussion in a report to share accident information, lessons learned and good practices etc.
Thoroughly manage MAE via the Risk Management Process
Mid-term Objective We will thoroughly manage major accident event prevention through carrying out thorough HSE risk management, entrenching the Safety Case approach, as well as process safety management and various activities to maintain integrity of facilities and equipment.
2016 Corporate HSE Objectives We will continue with the development and review of Safety Cases for major hazard facilities so as to ensure that risks are managed to the ALARP level. We will roll out the companywide HSE risk management by effectively utilizing a software.
Actions implemented Evaluation Evaluation and Future Responses
Enhance HSE Risk Management Process Implemented as planned
  • Fiscal of risk information for FY 2016 through Synergi Life from all Operational organizations has been completed.
  • We have reported risk management information three times in Executive Committees every quarter.
Develop and utilize Safety Cases Implemented as planned
  • We have formulated a safety case and review plan for FY 2016 and are implementing the following based on this plan.
    • - Support for creation of OTN safety case
    • - Review of Ichthys safety case
    • - Continuous support for of GG safety case creation
    • - Support for TPC's ALARP demonstration
Implement Asset Integrity Process Safety [AIPSM] Reviews Implemented as planned
  • We have formulated AIPS Assurance Review Plan for FY 2016, and we are implementing AIPSM review based on this plan.
Reduce the Number of Incidents
Mid-term Objective We will introduce HSE leading KPI`s companywide, as well as using LTIF and TRIR, and continue to monitor and evaluate them, thereby positioning ourselves in the top 25th percentile of IOGP member companies.
2016 Corporate HSE Objectives With a target of ‘zero’ incidents, we will strive to achieve LTIF and TRIR values that fall within the upper 25% (LTIF and TRIR of less than 0.17 and 0.91, respectively) of the IOGP member companies. We will also introduce new KPIs that will allow improved HSE performance.
Actions implemented Evaluation Evaluation and Future Responses
Reduce the number of incidents companywide Partially implemented
  • This fiscal year we have set up the necessary functional requirements.
  • The HSE leading indicator was reflected in the procedure. - We added the evaluation method of compliance status of safety 7 principles to the revision of the procedure.
  • In the next fiscal year, we will reflect these in related procedures and shift to system selection work.
Manage health and safety risks Partially implemented
  • We are continuing to consider establishing a structure for company-wide Occupational health management.
Reinforce Emergency and Crisis Response Capabilities
Mid-term Objective We will embed the Incident Command System companywide for responding to emergency and crisis situations quickly and adequately as we acquire the ability to deal with all major threats.
2016 Corporate HSE Objectives We will embed the emergency response procedure based upon the ICS (Incident Command System) by conducting companywide level 3 exercises and other specific exercises.
Actions implemented Evaluation Evaluation and Future Responses
Entrench ICS based emergency response procedure companywide Implemented as planned
  • We are planning to revise the document on Tokyo metropolitan earthquake after 2017 training.
  • We plan to prepare an emergency response plan for oil and gas spill in FY 2017.
Enhance the effectiveness of security management Implemented as planned
  • The review of the security management situation has progressed as planned.
  • We will reviewing security related guidelines in 2017.
  • We conducted an in-house travel security seminar in December.
Drive Forward GHG Emission Management
Mid-term Objective We will ensure that environmental and social issues are managed based on the legal and other requirements and the IFC Performance Standards. We will identify issues that will contribute to reducing environmental impacts and load and implement plans to manage them as we continue the GHG management.
2016 Corporate HSE Objectives We will continue with the processes to manage climate change risks. We will also assess impact of other environmental factors upon our business.
Actions implemented Evaluation Evaluation and Future Responses
Enhance GHG management Implemented as planned
  • At the Environment Subcommittee of the Petroleum and Mining Industry Association, we officially agreed with member companies on the review of emission reduction targets at year 2020, year 2030 and reported to the Keidanren.
  • From February, 2017, Corporate Strategy and Planning Division are responsible for promotion of Climate change promotion activities, and GHG Management WG was a Corporate HSE Committee agency was abolished same months. Since FY 2017, the annual GHG management cycle is to be managed mainly by Response to Climate Change Promotion PT, which is newly established in the Corporate Strategy and Planning Division.
Strengthen environmental management system Implemented as planned
  • We reported the establishment of the environmental management working group at the Corporate HSE Committee.
  • Company-wide environmental registers will be prepared next fiscal year.
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