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Environmental Impact of Our Business Activities

In fiscal 2014, the INPEX Group continued implementing a range of measures such as reduction of VOC and GHG emissions to reduce its environmental impact.
Our environmental impacts for fiscal 2014 is summarized in an Input/Output format below:

INPUT: Fuel, Raw materials
Exploration, Development, and Construction / Production and Power Generation / Transportation and Sales: (Including some fuel produced by INPEX CORPORATION)
OUTPUT: Sales, Emissions, Industrial waste
* Data on the output of PRTR substances was collected only from our domestic operations

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Cost of Environmental Technologies (April 2014 to March 2015)
Environmental Investments in Fiscal 2014 —Implementation and Effects (April 2014 to March 2015)
Objectives Items for Investment Location/Facility Investment Amount (thousand yen) Environmental Benefit Quantitative Evaluation of Investment Effects or Environmental Impact Reduction (Physical Units)
(A) New Installation (B) Upgrade/ Repair/ Maintenance (A+B) Total
Climate change countermeasures (includes cost of energy conservation measures) Switched to energy-saving lighting Niigata, Chiba Maintenance shop, machine shop, welding shop, administration buildings at Chiba District Office, Kashiwazaki Workshop, Logistics   12,809 12,809 Reduced electricity consumption by switching from fluorescent lamps to LED lighting Electricity consumption reduced by 20,700 kWh/year
Switched to energy-saving air conditioning facilities Tokyo Air conditioning facilities in all buildings at Technical Research Center   114,668 114,668 Reduced electricity consumption by completely switching from gas boiler heating/electric cooling facilities to energy-saving gas heat pump air conditioners Electricity consumption reduced by 185,977 kWh/year
Changed gas compressor suction pressure Chiba Gas compressors at No. 2 Gas Plant 64,608   64,608 Reduced electricity consumption by adding compressor processing volume Electricity consumption reduced by 124,800 kWh/year (130 operating days)
Constructed photovoltaic power generation facility Niigata Building at Pipeline Monitoring Center 55,914   55,914 Reduced GHG emissions by using renewable energy GHG emissions reduced by 4.74 t-CO2/year
Used air compressor high-pressure air for engine start-up Venezuela Gas compressors at Copa Macoya Plant 13,900   13,900 Curbed CO2 leakage and venting by using high-pressure compressed air for gas engine start-up GHG emissions reduced by 6.6 t-CO2/year accompanying reduction in released gas (CH4) of approx. 500 Nm3/year
Installed the "Dr. Trap" system and software Niigata Steam traps in Nagaoka Field Office 1,800   1,800 Maintained the integrity of steam trap operation and reduced fuel consumption by installing the Dr. Trap system for detecting and replacing defective traps Replaced 41 defective traps detected in steam trap inspections at 380 locations. Overall natural gas use at the Nagaoka Field Office reduced by 7% from the previous year
Sub-total (thousand yen)     263,699    
Conservation of air quality Converted VOC removal systems to digital systems Niigata VOC removal systems and temperature control mechanisms at the Koshijihara Plant and Oyazawa Plant 40,000   40,000 Improved VOC removal efficiency through an increase in the VOC removal system operating rate attained by increasing the probability of trip avoidance accompanying manual control of temperature control operation Fiscal 2014 VOC removal system operating rate: 99.4%
Replaced VOC removal system catalyst Niigata VOC removal systems at Koshijihara Plant and Oyazawa Plant   52,700 52,700 Reduced VOC emissions into the atmosphere through processing capacity improvement accompanying catalyst replacement VOC outlet concentration after catalyst replacement:
· Benzene, toluene, xylene → Reduced to 0 mg/Nm3
· VOC.Oyazawa →Reduced to 0 mg/Nm3
Koshijihara →Reduced to 129 mg/Nm3
Cleaned the inside of the VOC removal system air stripper and filling material Niigata VOC removal system at Logistics   1,350 1,350 Restored groundwater VOC processing capacity by cleaning inside of the air stripper and cleaning and removing deposits VOC processing capacity:380 t/d in summer, 500 t/d in winter
Sub-total (thousand yen)     94,050    
Chemical substance management Replaced adsorbents in mercury removal devices Niigata Exhaust gas/sales gas/crude oil impurity removal devices at Koshijihara Plant and Oyazawa Plant   98,944 98,944 Prevented impurity contamination of sales gas and sales oil and emission into the atmosphere by improving mercury removal capacity following adsorbent replacement Amount of impurities removed: total of 670 kg/year (maintained capacity at the design value)
Sub-total (thousand yen)     98,944    
Conservation of soil and groundwater environment Installed leach filters on injection equipment Chiba Injection equipment at Site KA
114,807   114,807 Ensured stable injection water volume accompanying use of the injection water suspended solids removal method (land subsidence countermeasure) Since additional countermeasure work was required after start of operation, quantitative evaluation to be conducted after completion of additional work (planned for fiscal 2016)
Installed oil leak detectors Niigata Plants and Site AB-40 at Minami Aga
53,590   53,590 Prevented oil leakage into public water bodies through early detection following introduction of a 24-hour automated monitoring system at unmanned sites Oil leak volume: zero
Sub-total (thousand yen)     168,397    
Prevention of noise and vibration Installed noise barriers and acoustic absorption materials Akita, Chiba Reboiler area and gas compressor rooms at Yabase Plant, Sotoasahikawa Plant, and No. 2 Gas Plant 43,754   43,754 Reduced noise near the plants by installing noise barriers and acoustic absorption materials Noise reduction: 5 -10 db at the site boundaries
Changed the foundation pile driving method, adopted the auger drilling method Niigata Low-temperature LNG tank, facilities buildings, and equipment/pipes at Naoetsu LNG Terminal   72,100 72,100 Reduced vibration and noise by switching from the hammer method to the auger drilling method Noise reduction: estimated value of approx. 20 db
Sub-total (thousand yen)     115,854    
Conservation of natural environment Installed water sprinkling pipes, developed green belt (continued) Niigata Green belt at Naoetsu LNG Terminal   60,000 60,000 Improved the local environment and made possible CO2 absorption into the future through green belt development and planting of pines and other saplings CO2 absorption effect from tree planting: 1580.2 t/year
Sub-total (thousand yen)     60,000    
Investment total (Yen 1,000) 388,373 412,571 800,944  
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