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Environmental Impact of Our Business Activities

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■ Cost of Environmental Technologies
Environmental Investments in FY2010- Implementation and Effects (April 2010–March 2011)
Objectives Items for Investment Location/Facility Investment
(thousand yen)
Investment Subtotal (thousand yen) FY2010 Environmental Benefit (over previous year) Environmental Benefit
New Installation Upgrade/
Global warming mitigation (includes cost of energy conservation measures) Installed a new ground flare system Akita Niibori Oil Field 36,000   36,000 CO2 emissions: 1,385t reduction
VOC emissions: 52t reduction
Reduced greenhouse gases and VOCs emitted through vented gas flaring (in operation for 9 months in FY2010)
Installed retrofit for more energy-efficient air conditioning Tokyo Technical Research Center   3,000 3,000   Reduced electricity consumption with energy conservation technology
Applied insulation coating to window glass Niigata Minami Aga Field Office Office building 640   640 (Insulating effect: 3–5℃ reduction vs. external temperature) Reduced electricity consumption and CO2 emissions with insulation
Switched from fluorescent to LED lighting Niigata Kashiwazaki Field Office Teiseki Building 3,120   3,120 CO2 emissions: 5.4t reduction Reduced electricity consumption and CO2 emissions with energy conservation technology (in operation for 8 months in FY2010)
Upgraded to inverter controlled instrument air compressor Niigata Teiseki Topping Plant Kubiki Refinery 1,040   1,040 Electricity consumption: 48.2MWh reduction
CO2 emissions: 15.5t reduction
Reduced electricity consumption and CO2 emissions with new inverter control
Air pollution mitigation Installed VOC removal systems Niigata Sekihara Plant Matsuzaki Plant 3,600   3,600 BTX emissions: 1.3t reduction Reduced exhaust VOCs with catalytic VOC removal system and activated carbon adsorption system
Replaced catalyst in flue-gas VOC adsorption system and adsorption agent in impurities removal system Niigata Koshijihara Plant Oyazawa Plant   26,535 26,535   Restored VOC and impurities removal capacity in flue-gas by replacing catalyst and adsorption agent
Cleaned filler and inside air stripper of VOC removal system Niigata Teiseki Topping Plant Kubiki Refinery   2,130 2,130   Restored VOC removal capacity through cleaning
Replaced pump engine (No. 5) Niigata Teiseki Drilling Co., Ltd. 51,267   51,267 NOx emissions in exhaust gas: 45t reduction Reduced NOx emission by installing low-emission engine
Retrofitted oil tanks with internal floating roofs Niigata Teiseki Topping Plant Kubiki Refinery 31,000   31,000 VOC emissions: 35t reduction Reduced VOC emissions by converting heavy naphtha tank to internal floating roof tank (in operation for 5 months in FY2010)
Water pollution mitigation Added new functionality to existing wastewater phenol removal system Niigata Teiseki Topping Plant Kubiki Refinery   3,500 3,500 Total wastewater discharge: 31,674t reduction Maintained water quality by improving wastewater phenol removal capacity and reduced total well water use and wastewater discharge
Habitat conservation Raised seedlings and test planted saplings to develop green space Niigata Construction site for LNG receiving terminal   40,000 40,000   Raised seedlings in a greenhouse on site and test planted saplings for Environmentally Friendly Green Space Development Plan
Investment total 126,667 75,165 201,832 (thousand yen)  

Environmental Investments (latest)

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