Response to Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

In response to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) which continues to spread around the world, we are continuing efforts to ensure stable energy supplies in the Japanese and global oil and gas production, with strong measures to prevent the spread of the disease as we give health and safety of our staff top priority. To achieve this goal, the whole INPEX Group is implementing an integrated crisis response under the leadership of the Corporate Crisis Management Team. At our domestic and overseas production sites, we continue to ensure safe operations by taking preventive measures such as quarantine and changing shift cycles so that we secure necessary numbers of staff for stable operations.

We assisted medical professionals and others who have dedicated themselves to the prevention of the further spread of COVID-19. The following activities are included.

Japan Provision of N95 masks to Japanese Red Cross Society and local governments
  • Donation of AU$ 30,000 to Foodbank NT to support emergency food provision in the Northern Territory, Australia
  • Donation of AU$ 100,000 to Menzies School of Health Research to support COVID-19 response activities
  • Provision of masks to medical facilities and police agencies in Broome
Indonesia Provision of COVID-19 information posters, chemical protection suits, medical masks, and hand sanitizer to medical professionals in the Tanimbar Islands
Kazakhstan Provision of medical equipment and personal protective equipment to medical facilities in Nur-Sultan in collaboration with other foreign companies in the country
United States Donation through the Japan Business Association of Houston
Plant operators with face shields and masks at Naoetsu
LNG Terminal, Japan
Donation to Foodbank NT in the Northern Territory,
Provision of medical goods in the Tanimbar Islands,
Provision of medical equipment to medical facilities
in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan