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Activities Concerning the Great East Japan Earthquake

Ongoing Support of Recovery Activities

The Great East Japan Earthquake that struck on March 11, 2011, exerted damage over a very wide area and full recovery of the affected areas looks like a long way off. To help quicken the return to the flourishing and calm way of life, the INPEX group continues to provide support by dispatching employee volunteers to the area, now and in the future.

Participating in Restoration and Recovery Activities for the Great East Japan Earthquake and Other Disasters

Since June 2011, the INPEX Group has been supporting the activities of its employees who join the restoration efforts in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake and other disasters. Employees who participate in these volunteer activities can make use of the volunteer leave system and are provided activity support stipends as financial support for transportation expenses, lodging, and tools necessary for such work.

Through June 2015, a total of 685 volunteers from the Group had participated in the restoration and recovery activities. At Rikuzen-Takata City in Iwate Prefecture, volunteers worked on removing debris, cutting vegetation, and general cleanup, while in Niigata Prefecture they worked on removing snow and recovering from the severe rains.

Recovery Activities in Fiscal Year 2014

Since November 2012, Group volunteers have participated in "Collective Action for Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake" volunteer activities sponsored by Global Compact Network Japan (GCNJ*) by providing support for "the Watari Greenbelt Project " in the town of Watari, Miyagi Prefecture. Through June 2015, activities have been conducted six times, with 20 Group employees participating in total. This project was started jointly by local residents and town officials in line with the national policy for "building forests that protect against strong tides. INPEX is continuing its support in conjunction with GCJN.

* GCNJ: The name was changed from Global Compact Japan Network (GC-JN) in July 2015

Earthquake Response

Prompt Provision of Monetary Aid, Donations, and Relief Supplies

Quickly after the earthquake, our Group sent monetary donations through the Japan Red Cross and also provided ¥4.8 million raised in company donations.

Also, our Group, respecting the long relationships formed as a producer of natural gas from 1984 to 2007 at the offshore Iwaki gas field near the town of Naraha, used company-owned trucks to make direct delivery of essential household items as emergency support to residents of emergency evacuation shelters in Fukushima Prefecture. These items included such emergency support materials as drinking water, rice, diapers, gas canisters, and gas stoves.

Emergency Supply of Petroleum Products to Affected Areas

A tanker truck carrying diesel oil
A tanker truck carrying diesel oil

In response to communications about severe fuel shortages in the affected areas, the group deployed 21 of its tanker trucks to the disaster-stricken areas of Fukushima Prefecture from the middle of March to early April 2011 in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. These trucks delivered about 400 kl of petroleum products (gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, and heavy oil) refined and manufactured from domestic crude oil at INPEX refineries.

After communication with the affected area, we carried gasoline and diesel oil to the fueling facilities of bus companies that were still operating, to be used for emergency vehicles, water trucks, and vehicles for restoration work. In addition, the kerosene was used as fuel for heaters and heavy oil as fuel for emergency power generators in the hospitals of the disaster-stricken areas.

We also made emergency shipments of class-C heavy oil refined from crude oil produced in Japan so that electric power companies could use it for fueling power generation.

Call to service for restoration of town gas in the disaster areas

In response to requests from natural gas companies in the most heavily stricken areas in Miyagi Prefecture, Sakata Natural Gas Co., Ltd., a Group company in utility gas business in Sakata City of Yamagata Prefecture assembled a collaborative system with two nearby utility gas companies and responded to a call for service restoration in the local areas. Given that nearly 90% of the houses in the area were washed away or flooded by the tsunami, activities were largely related to seawater removal. Together with the other business operators, who joined the support team, we undertook this work from the end of April to the end of May and completed the scheduled restoration work without problems.

Supplying Oil and LNG in Response to Emergency Requests

In response to requests from electric power companies, we used our foreign interest holdings to increase supply of produced crude oil and LNG from April to May 2011 in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. These fuels were supplied to increase the capacity of petroleum and natural gas fossil fuel plants that would serve as backup power generation facilities for plants that had ceased operation due to the earthquake. Within Japan, we also continuously made additional supply of petroleum products owned by INPEX or procured from outside sources. In the future, we will also do as much as we can in response to such requests.

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