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Local Communities

Basic Policy

INPEX is committed to building and maintaining trust with local communities through our business activities in the areas in which we operate. In building trust, we value engaging with stakeholders and respecting the human rights of people in communities, including indigenous peoples.
By applying the Creating Shared Value (CSV)*1 philosophy to support initiatives that produce social benefits while meeting business objectives, we contribute to the development of local communities through employment opportunities, skills development, support for education, and environmental preservation.

*1 Creating Shared Value(CSV) : An approach proposed by Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer in which social value is created by addressing social demands and generating economic value

Targets and Results

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Key Tasks FY2016 Targets FY2016 Results FY2017 Targets
assessments and
reduction measures
of impacts on
local communities
and indigenous
  • Maintain good relationships through continuous dialogue with stakeholders
  • Provided information on operating status and safety initiatives through community briefings and issuance of newsletters at the Naoetsu LNG Terminal
  • Provided more than 230 stakeholder information sessions and updates
  • Established INPEX Larrakia Advisory Committee and held six meetings
  • Maintain good relationships through continuous dialogue with stakeholders using community briefings, issuance of newsletters, etc.
  • Manage the impact on and concerns of local communities and stakeholders as the Ichthys LNG Project transitions from construction to operations phase.
Contribution to
local economies
  • Planned social contribution activities: ¥2.87 billion
  • Continue to support community programs
Ichthys LNG Project
  • Continue to provide local employment and procurement opportunities in the project
  • Social contribution activities result: ¥1.34 billion
  • Supported 39 community programs and initiatives in areas of operation
Ichthys LNG Project*2
  • More than 8,700 local Northern Territory employees have been engaged
  • More than 1,100 local Northern Territory businesses have secured contracts and procurement orders
  • More than A$17 billion in Project contracts, procurements and overhead commitments have been made in Australia
  • More than 1,200 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples employed
  • 61 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-owned businesses awarded contracts totalling more than A$150 million
  • Social contribution activities plan: ¥1.64 billion
  • Continue to retain INPEX Australia’s 1% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander direct employees
Ichthys LNG Project
  • Develop and implement Ichthys LNG Project operations-phase strategy to establish longer-term community investments
  • Identifying appropriate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander direct employment targets to be in place for the Ichthys LNG Project operations phase
  • Setting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment targets for Ichthys LNG Project operations-phase subcontractors
  • Implementing, reviewing and updating an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander procurement strategy (by the end of 2018)

*2 All figures are cumulative totals from the start of development of the Ichthys LNG Project in 2012 until the end of 2016.

Case Study

Engaging with Traditional Owners to Deliver Meaningful Community Benefits

Members of the inaugural INPEX Larrakia Reference Group (now INPEX Larrakia Advisory Committee)

In early 2016, INPEX Australia established the INPEX Larrakia Reference Group to form an open dialogue with the Larrakia community, who are the Traditional Owners of the Darwin region where the Ichthys LNG Project onshore liquefaction plant is being constructed. The group consists of Larrakia men and women with diverse skills in various sectors including business, government, education, and the community. They provide advice to INPEX on matters of economic, cultural, environmental, and social areas of interest and opportunities for all Larrakia families.

Commemorating the signing of the Ichthys LNG Project Larrakia School Participation Program agreement

In mid-2016, the group was renamed the INPEX Larrakia Advisory Committee to take into account the more prominent role that members would play in helping to advance discussions about long-term benefits for the Larrakia community.
The INPEX Larrakia Advisory Committee met on six occasions in 2016 and its members have already started to identify projects to deliver social and economic benefits to Larrakia families. These included a recommendation for the Ichthys LNG Project to commit to establishing and funding a program to support the families of Larrakia school students in meeting the costs of going back to school. The Ichthys LNG Project Larrakia School Participation Program was subsequently launched in early 2017 and has assisted the families of more than 90 Larrakia students attending 40 different schools to date.

Two of the inaugural Larrakia Development Corporation Ichthys LNG Project Scholarship recipients

The Ichthys LNG Project also teamed with the Larrakia Development Corporation in late 2016 to establish a scholarship program to provide financial support to Larrakia students undertaking university studies. Six scholarships were awarded in early 2017 to students working towards bachelor’s and master’s degrees in disciplines such as public health, nursing, business, early childhood studies, arts and law.

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