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Social Contribution

Social Contribution Activities Spread throughout the World

Education and Fostering Future Generations

Vocational program in Japan for UAE University Students

INPEX conducts a three-week vocational training program in Japan for students of UAE University and the Petroleum Institute. The program includes lectures on oil development, geological excursions, and a tour of the Naoetsu LNG Terminal. A total of 164 students have enrolled in this training, conducted each year since 1993. Most of the program’s past participants are employed at Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and its group companies, and are contributing to fields related to oil development in Abu Dhabi.

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Support for the Popularization of Judo and Youth Development

In order to help popularize judo in the UAE and nurture junior judo players who will become tomorrow’s leaders, INPEX supports the activities of Judo Coach dispatched by Tokai University / Solidarity of International Judo Education to the UAE Judo Federation and the Judo Japanese Ambassador’s Cup tournament in Abu Dhabi. Some 100 junior judo players (age 13 and 14) from judo clubs in all seven emirates participated in thrilling matches at the first Judo Japanese Ambassador’s Cup, held in November 2016. The tournament, which received extensive coverage by the local media, was an excellent opportunity for INPEX to showcase its contributions to local communities.

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Sponsorship of University Courses

INPEX sponsors courses at the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Public Policy, Hitotsubashi University Graduate School, and the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School. We contribute to the education and development of students who will become tomorrow’s leaders by offering lectures on energy policy and environmental policy in these courses as well as by conducting tours of INPEX facilities and holding international symposia on energy problems.

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Supporting the Next Generation

A partnership with the Ichthys LNG Project in Australia has enabled Darwin’s only youth center to expand its operational hours and services and to recruit new mentors. Operated by Australian Red Cross, “The SHAK” provides a safe and creative space for more than 300 young people to enjoy outside of school hours. More than 35 community groups use the facility to run youth education, training and recreational programs and initiatives with the aim of improving employment, health and the wellbeing of young Territorians, particularly the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth who make up 95% of SHAK participants.

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Scholarship Program

INPEX supports an education program aimed at developing local communities near the Abadi LNG Project in Indonesia and nurturing the next generation of community leaders. Since 2014, we have selected and offered scholarships to students in the cities of Ambon and Saumlaki in Maluku Province who wish to receive a university education or pursue research. A total of 440 students have received scholarships since the program was inaugurated, giving INPEX the privilege to contribute to the education and development of students who will lead their communities in the future.

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Support for Local Communities

Participation in the Echigo Kubikino 100 km Marathon

INPEX has sponsored and, with voluntary employee participation, supported the Echigo Kubikino 100 km Marathon, since 2010 in Joetsu, Niigata Prefecture, where the Naoetsu LNG Terminal carries out business operations. The event, known as one of Japan’s most prominent ultramarathons, attracts nearly 3,000 runners each year from all across Japan. In 2016, 17 INPEX employees participated as volunteers, manning the registration desk and passing out water at aid stations.

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Activities in Support of the Local Community

Since 2014, at the Gas Guarico Project in Venezuela, INPEX has contributed to the repair and maintenance of school grounds and buildings as an ongoing project to further the enrichment of elementary education in the local communities of La Ardita, Guatacarito, and Caro de La Negra, located in the vicinity of the plant.

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Handing Down Traditional Weaving Techniques

At the Abadi LNG Project in Indonesia, INPEX is conducting training for local residents with the objective of preserving, passing down, and promoting the dissemination of ikat, traditional woven clothes from the Tanimbar Islands in Maluku Province. This is part of the social investment programs aimed at empowering local communities and economies in Indonesia by enhancing lifestyles and employment opportunities. In June 2016, INPEX supported a fashion show held in the city of Saumlaki attended by local government officials and other participants to showcase this activity.

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Generating Social and Environmental Outcomes

The Ichthys LNG Project in Australia has finalized agreements with the Indigenous Land Corporation to deliver a $34 million savanna fire management program in the Northern Territory, Australia, as part of the Project’s voluntary environmental and social offset commitments. Consistent with traditional Aboriginal land conservation practices, savanna fire management is a recognized carbon abatement methodology.
The program will fund the development, establishment, and operation of individual fire management projects which will provide opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in remote communities by creating jobs, generating sustainable income benefits and protecting cultural and environmental values.

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