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Sustainability Report

This Sustainability report includes our current website pages.

Sustainability Report 2013

Download digest report PDF 5.34MB
Download digest report (Japanese) PDF 7.43MB
Download web full report PDF 4.43MB
Download web full report (Japanese) PDF 4.66MB
Sustainability Report 2013(by Section)
Top Management Commitment PDF 127KB
Mission, Corporate Social Responsibility Policy,
 Business Principles, and Code of Conduct
Our CSR Policy
Medium- to Long-Term Vision of INPEX
Respect for Human Rights PDF 142KB
Approaches to Prevention of Corruption
Relationships with Major Stakeholders PDF 603KB
CSR in Our Business Activities
Special Feature Part 1 Abadi LNG Project PDF 232KB
Special Feature Part 2 Ichthys LNG Project PDF 456KB
Special Feature Part 3 Gas Supply Chain PDF 212KB
Special Feature Part 4 Renewable and New Energies PDF 293KB
Corporate Governance PDF 547KB
Risk Management
Message from Director in Charge of HSE
HSE Management System
HSE Objectives and Plans
Environmental Impact of Our Business Activitiesn PDF 523KB
Global Warming Mitigation
Biodiversity Conservation
Reducing Our Environmental Impact
Fighting Climate Change
Site Data
Safety Management
Major Accident Prevention PDF 319KB
Aiming to Reduce Accidents
Emergency Response
Contractor’s Safety Management
Safety Management of pipelines
Security Initiatives
Building Trust with and Contributing to Local Communities PDF 1.21MB
Support Activities After the Great East Japan Earthquake
Initiatives to Contribute to Local Communities (Domestic)
Initiatives to Contribute to Local Communities (Overseas)
Fair Trade with Business Partners
Product Quality Control
Human Resource Development and Utilization
Health Management
Appropriate Information Disclosure
Dialogue with Stakeholders PDF 183KB
Major CSR Data PDF 536KB
Third Party Comments / Third-Party Assurance
List of Indicators Based on GRI G3 Guidelines
Editorial Policy

Corrections have been made to the Sustainability Report 2013.
Please find the correction here. (2013.9) (PDF 44KB)

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