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Information Security Policy

INPEX fully recognizes that information assets constitute important management resources, essential to conducting business. We also acknowledge that it is absolutely imperative for our people and organization to be proactive in — and committed to — maintaining a high level of security so as to protect our information assets against any potential threat, by ensuring physical and technical security measures are firmly in place.

With that in mind, we hereby establish the Policy on Information Security that provides administrative rules and guidelines for the protection and proper utilization of our information assets.

All corporate officers and employees of INPEX shall have a good understanding of the Policy and perform their share of duties to maintain information security accordingly. We shall;

  • establish a system for information security administration as well as internal rules so as to properly manage our information assets.
  • maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information that we own by implementing proper security measures that have been set in place.
  • provide education in information security to all corporate officers and employees, necessary to ensure that the importance of information security is understood and exercised effectively.
  • comply with laws and regulations governing information security, and honor contracts and agreements with customers, vendors and suppliers as a credible company committed to fulfilling its social obligations and responsibilities.
  • promulgate the above-mentioned activities and arrangements to all corporate officers and employees, and shall enforce, review and improve them on an ongoing basis by carrying out the PDCA management cycle.

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