This VR is based on results obtained from a project commissioned by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

The Koshijihara Plant commenced production operations in September 1984 and has a gas processing capacity of 4.2 million Nm3 per day, which is among the largest in Japan.
Extracted natural gas is processed to separate the oil and remove impurities (acid gas, water, etc.) before shipping natural gas that can be used as a product.

Train-C (Reservoir CO2) is supplied to the methanation testing facility when gas is processed.

Capacity of power plant
Power plant flow diagram

This high-efficiency gas-fueled turbine combined cycle thermal power plant has an output of approximately 55,000kW. It started operating in 2007 and supplies electricity to retail power companies.

The world’s first equipment to use actual Train-C (Reservoir CO2) in a plate reactor

External view
Internal view of reactor
Plate type reactor
Steam drum (upper section)
Steam drum (lower section)

CO2 and heating medium processing

Processing of CO2/H2 gas and refining of produced CH4 gas