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Basic Policy

INPEX has issued an HSE Policy to ensure the safety and health of all those involved in its business activities while striving for the conservation of local ecosystems and the global environment. This policy is strenuously implemented by an HSE Management System that manages all issues related to health, safety and environment.

Occupational Safety and Health

We aim to eliminate incidents to ensure that all workers at INPEX worksites return home safe and sound each day. We also take measures against potential illness and hygiene issues employees may face to keep employees healthy.

Process Safety Management

In order to prevent major incidents or disasters such as fires, explosions or large oil spills, we consider not only the operational management of the project but also its safety, beginning from the exploration or design phase of the facilities.

Security and Crisis Management

We reinforce overseas security management as necessary by being aware of the state of security. We also prepare the necessary documents to respond to various types of emergencies and conducts crisis management exercises to prepare for the worst-case scenarios.

Environmental Management

We strive to minimize negative impacts on the environment and local communities by conducting environmental and social impact surveys before starting a project, monitoring those impacts through the project’s lifecycle, and promoting environmental management based on the monitored results.

Targets and Results

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  FY2015 Targets FY2015 Results FY2016 Targets
Enhance Safety
  • Achieve at least 90% compliance with requirements as required in the Corporate HSE Procedures
  • Accomplish incident reduction target LTIF*1 0.20 / TRIR*2 0.85 or less
  • Enhance the level of HSE leadership
  • Develop an emergency response plan based on credible worst-case scenarios
  • Conducted HSE audits for three Operational Organizations and confirmed 90% compliance
  • Increased HSE support activities
  • Recorded LTIF 0.15, while TRIR improved to 1.12, fatal incident occurred
  • Conducted six management site visits
  • Revised Emergency response manual, and conducted four exercises
  • Launch Corporate HSE Third Phase Mid-term Plan
  • Enhance HSE assurance and governance
  • Proceed HSE technical support
  • Incident reduction target: LTIF 0.17 / TRIR 0.91 or less
  • Thoroughly manage major accident event prevention
  • Implement ICS*3 based Emergency Response Procedure through Level 3 exercises
Enhance Environmental Management
  • Revise and promote the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Procedure
  • The revision of ESIA Procedure postponed to FY2016
  • Comply with IFC*4 requirements and evaluate environmental risk management

*1 Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) : Rate of injury resulting in fatalities or lost time per million hours worked

*2 Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) : Rate of total of fatalities, lost work day cases, restricted work day cases, and medical treatment cases per million hours worked

*3 Incident Command System (ICS) : Standardized system of emergency and crisis response

*4 IFC : International Finance Corporation

Message from the Director in Charge of HSE

Masaharu Sano
Senior Executive
Vice President
in charge of HSE

“An integrated energy company that contributes to making society more affluent” is a company that prides itself on high moral values with a corporate culture that places the utmost priority on securing safety and environmental integrity. This is exactly what our Mission aspires to. In order to maintain a stable energy supply, we need to deploy our business internationally in search of natural resources. In this pursuit, while we continue to comply with international norms and standards, we must also continue to nurture a corporate culture that will be received by the international community with open arms.
To that end, in 2013, we started working on the three-year Corporate HSE Second Phase Mid-term Plan. The objective of this initiative was to elevate our HSE competency to a level comparable to that of the IOCs*5. Our efforts were fruitful and we have witnessed success in strengthening the HSE organization, the securing and training of human resources, and propelling process safety management for preventing major accident events. As of late, we have been exerting our efforts to fortify our HSE structure, including security management, by conducting crisis response exercises with our overseas project sites and reviewing security levels on a regular basis.
The unique INPEX HSE culture that we aim to forge is one that recognizes that HSE should form the moral basis for all decision making and encourages this on a daily basis at all levels of the company, from management to those on site, at any time, at any stage of our company operation. To realize such an HSE culture, we have developed the Corporate HSE Third Phase Mid-term Plan focusing on the next 5 years with renewed HSE activities, building on the accomplishments we have made thus far.
Working together in close cooperation towards our goals, we will push our HSE performance even further by promoting activities such as maintaining HSE Management System (HSEMS), improving HSE assurance and governance, providing HSE technical support, strengthening HSE management capability on site, responding to crisis situations and developing environmental measures.
We believe it is our social responsibility as a global company to demonstrate to a wide range of stakeholders our commitment to INPEX HSE Policy by pushing specific HSE activities. With unyielding determination to grow into a company worthy of admiration, we will continue to press forward with our HSE activities.

*5 IOC : International Oil Company

Five-Year Plan

The Corporate HSE Third Phase Mid-term Plan (FY2016–2020)

The following targets have been set for achieving the mid-term plan:

  1. We will introduce the guideline (OMS 510*6) newly developed by IOGP*7 to our HSEMS in order to improve efficiency and consistency, and apply updated HSEMS to activities undertaken at all INPEX Group, including non-operator projects and domestic subsidiaries.
  2. We will conduct HSE audits and reviews systematically and progressively with companywide cooperation. By utilizing the results from these audits and reviews, we will enhance companywide HSE assurance and governance.
  3. We will enhance HSE technical support by appropriating companywide resources.
  4. Recognizing HSE management on a site basis is extremely important, so we will create a structure in which every individual employee on site is able to participate in HSE activities and incorporate his/her own experiences and ideas into the structure.
  5. We will thoroughly manage major accident event prevention through strengthening HSE risk control, reinforcing the Safety Case approach, as well as process safety management and various activities to maintain integrity of facilities and equipment.
  6. We will introduce a new companywide leading indicator additional to LTIR and TRIR, which will be continuously monitored and evaluated, thereby positioning ourselves in the top 25% of the IOGP member companies.
  7. We will fortify the Incident Command System companywide to respond to emergency and crisis situations with speed and appropriate actions.
  8. We will ensure that environmental and social issues are managed based on legal requirements and the IFC Performance Standards. We will select issues that will contribute to lower environmental load and develop plans to manage them as we continue the greenhouse gas management.

*6 OMS 510 : Operating Management System No. 510:

*7 IOGP : International Association of Oil and Gas Producers

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