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Basic Policy

INPEX considers workforce diversity and development of employees who can share common values globally pertinent to continuously reinforcing responsible management as a global company. To realize this, the HR Division has formulated the INPEX HR VISION, comprised of four key elements and covers the entire Group. HR activities based on these elements are implemented from a global perspective with the aim of creating a globally competitive organization by linking employee skills development to excellent team performance. In April 2014, we instituted the INPEX Values, which articulates values shared by all executives and employees of the Group. We have sought to instill these values in employees from various backgrounds at our business sites in Japan and overseas, thus fostering cohesion and a sense of unity throughout the entire company.


1Talent Attraction and Engagement

Make INPEX the best place to work
– “employer of choice”

  • Job satisfaction and opportunity for growth
  • Competitive reward programs – “Total Reward”

2Focus on People Development

Future leaders and global workforce capability

  • Recognize and invest in future leaders
  • Proper talent management cycle
  • Access to diverse development programs

3Organization Effectiveness

Maximize organizational performance through HR Management Process

  • Workforce planning and organization review
  • Appropriate placement within the organization

4HR Excellence

Support business strategy with world-class functional expertise

  • Effective, innovative, and trusted HR processes and systems
  • Develop HR professionals
  • Collaborate globally and share best practices

Targets and Results

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  FY2015 Targets FY2015 Results FY2016 Targets
Securing and
developing a global
  • Continue holding global HR meetings
  • Formulate a groupwide mobility policy
  • Continue training to reinforce technical capabilities
  • Held global HR meetings
  • Implemented measures to instill INPEX Values (questionnaire survey, VALUES Person interviews)
  • Assigned Indonesian expatriates and interns to Japan
  • Formulated the International Assignment Standard and International On-the-Job Training Standard in Indonesia
  • Continue instilling the INPEX Values
  • Continue holding global HR meetings
of diversity
  • Promote diversity (hiring of females, foreign nationals, and persons with disabilities)
  • Defined diversity and inclusion at INPEX
  • Formulated an employer action plan in accordance with the Act of Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in Workplace
  • Actively hired females, foreign nationals, and persons with disabilities
  • Conducted a diversity awareness survey in Japan
  • Implement the employer action plan in accordance with the Act of Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in Workplace
  • Continue to promote diversity (hiring of females, foreign nationals, and persons with disabilities)

Case Study 1

INPEX Values

The Human Resources Unit is implementing measures to instill the INPEX Values in employees. In 2015, the unit conducted a groupwide questionnaire on the INPEX Values and solicited nominations for “VALUES Persons,” defined as executives and employees who put the INPEX Values into practice. A total of 689 employees from across the Group were nominated. Interviews with the most highly voted individuals have been posted on the intranet, and examples of the conduct of “VALUES Persons” are being shared within the Group.

Conor Walker
INPEX Australia Operations Director

Inpex Values Website (December 11, 2015)

He has been nominated as a “VALUES Person.” In fact, in the recently completed INPEX Values questionnaire, he received the highest number of endorsements from individuals who completed the survey in July 2015. To help us promote “INPEX Values” throughout our organization, we asked him to answer some questions to help share with others how he reflects “INPEX Values” in his daily work.

In the recently circulated INPEX Values questionnaire, you received the highest number of nominations as someone who best represents a “VALUES Person.” How do you feel about this nomination?

Very honored of course but I must admit I think there are many others in our organization who could and should be recognized more than me for the way they live and breathe the INPEX Values, both in and outside of work. It’s certainly easier to be recognized when you are part of a group of people who share similar attitudes and passion for the way we work, not just the things we work on.

Case Study 2

Diversity Management

In 2015, INPEX defined diversity and inclusion within the Group. We have long had a policy of hiring talented employees without discriminating on the basis of gender, age, nationality, culture, customs, or other personal attributes. We assign people to positions to which they are suited and treat them fairly, and there is no difference between male and female employees in base salary or evaluations. In Japan, in accordance with the Act of Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in Workplace, we have established an action plan to have women account for 25% of new hires and promote to management position and we are working hard to achieve that goal. We hire and develop employees regardless of nationality, and employees of foreign nationality with high levels of expertise work throughout the Group.
In addition, the Global Mobility Guideline, instituted in January 2015, has become the foundation in conducting overseas placement of employees to suitable positions. In fiscal 2015, we streamlined the International Assignment Standard and other standards applicable to persons hired in Indonesia. As a result, two Indonesian employees were assigned to the headquarters in Japan. We will continue working to develop a human resources management system be fitting of a global company.
Furthermore, because our large-scale overseas projects are now approaching their full-scale development and production phases and we expect our operator activities to continue in the long term, we are directly recruiting local employees at our overseas offices, who will play a key role in operations. Local laws are observed, while utilizing a transparent hiring process. We sustain high motivation to work among local employees and are increasing employee retention rate by adopting measures such as maintaining competitive working environments and treating employees fairly.
Through these initiatives, we strive to create discrimination-free workplace environments that reflect due consideration of employee diversity.

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