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CSR Management

Basic Policy

INPEX considers CSR to be the foundation of management. We aspire to grow together with our stakeholders by accurately identifying society’s expectations for us through dialogue with stakeholders, and continuously engaging in a variety of CSR activities focused on initiatives to address Material Issues closely connected to our business.

CSR Promotion System

CSR Promotion System

We have clearly expressed the CSR stance of executive management and established the CSR Committee, chaired by the Representative Director, President & CEO in order to promote companywide and systematic CSR activities. The CSR Committee members include the Representative Directors, the head of the General Administration Division, and the head of the Corporate Strategy & Planning Division (vice-chair). The Chairs of the Compliance Committee and the Corporate HSE Committee attend CSR Committee meetings to facilitate collaboration with their respective committees.

*1 CSR Promotion Council : A subordinate organization of the CSR Committee that comprised by working-level members from various divisions. By creating this link between top management and the divisions, we engage in CSR activities on a common ground of understanding.

Outside Initiatives Participated by INPEX

In response to the demands of global society, we promote CSR activities and participation in both domestic and overseas initiatives.

  • The United Nations Global Compact
  • International Association of Oil & Gas Producers(IOGP)
  • The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association
  • Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative(EITI)
  • International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association
  • Japan Petroleum Development Association

CSR Road Map

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Priority Target in Fiscal 2016
Implement and penetrate a CSR PDCA cycle that emphasizes linkage of CSR initiatives with business activities. Prepare for formulation of the next CSR Road Map (medium-term plan). Enhance information disclosure and improve external recognition. Proactive involvement in CSR initiatives.

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Identification of the Material Issues

In April 2012, we identified five key issues from among the seven core social responsibility subjects in ISO 26000 as Material Issues of importance to INPEX and our stakeholders that we should address in order to continuously expand upstream businesses, and earn the trust of stakeholders as a globally operating energy company.
In May 2015, three years after we identified the Material Issues, we reviewed the initiatives conducted over the three-year period for each Material Issue and reexamined the Material Issues in light of factors such as events that affect the business activities associated with the progress of our main projects and changes in the stakeholder’s area of concern. As a result, we redefined the Material Issues to include “Governance.”
Furthermore, CSR actions that should be prioritized for each Material Issue have been defined as Key Tasks, and are identified in the four steps as follows. All of these Key Tasks have been incorporated into our PDCA cycle in order to achieve continuous improvement. We plan to conduct regular reviews of the Key Tasks according to circumstances, as we do with the Material Issues.

Map of Key Tasks

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Material Issues

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  Concept Main Initiatives
GovernanceGovernance Strive to improve management efficiency, transparency, and soundness, and engage in responsible management as a global company.
  • Development of a governance framework
  • Appropriate information disclosure and improvement of transparency
  • Development of a risk management system
ComplianceCompliance In conducting of business activities, observe laws, regulations, and international norms, including those related to human rights, and the social norms in areas where we operate.
  • Observance of laws, regulations, and social norms
  • Respect for human rights
  • Prevention of bribery and corruption
HSEHSE Strive to continuously strengthen safety assurance, environmental preservation, and health management in operations.
  • Safety management in operations
  • Prevention of major incidents
  • Mitigation of environmental impacts
  • Conservation of biodiversity
Local CommunitiesLocal Communities Strive to reduce impacts on local communities where we operate and contribute to the development of local communities through respectful communication.
  • Evaluation and reduction of impact on local communities
  • Contribution to local economies
  • Consideration for the indigenous community
Climate ChangeClimate Change Appropriately manage greenhouse gas emissions, strive to commercialize renewable energies, and reinforce new technology R&D activities.
  • Management of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promotion of renewable energy businesses
  • Promotion of new technology R&D
EmployeesEmployees Develop human resources appropriate for global operations and pursue business development through a corporate culture of respect for individual values and diversity.
  • Development of globally competent human resources
  • Promotion of diversity
  • Creation of employee-friendly workplace environments

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Medium- to Long-term Vision

In the “INPEX Medium- to Long-term Vision” INPEX defined growth targets based on sustainable development over the medium- to long-term future and identified priority initiatives for the realization of those targets.
The Vision includes “Three Growth Targets” to be achieved in the 2020s, together with the “Three Management Policies” that will help us to reach those targets. One of those management policies is CSR.
We are monitoring our progress each year and working to strengthen our CSR management from a medium- to long-term perspective.

Key Achievements in Fiscal 2015
Implementing CSR Management

The CSR Committee met twice. The Committee reviewed and revised the Material Issues, reported the results of SROI (Social Return on Investment) analysis accompanying the establishment of the North Australian Centre for Oil & Gas (NACOG) at Charles Darwin University, and discussed and implemented measures to build CSR awareness within the company (CSR training).
We also reported to the Board of Directors about the company’s sustainability activities.

Continual Reinforcement of Corporate Governance

The INPEX Advisory Committee convened twice and played an important role in reflecting the views of outside experts in management policies.
We also formulated the Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Strengthening Compliance and HSE Systems
We have constructed global compliance systems and strengthened implementation of the Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption (ABC) Guidelines.
We also amended the Help-Line Procedures to strengthen our Internal Notification System.
We have formulated the Corporate HSE 3rd Phase Mid-Term Plan.
We implemented activities based on Corporate HSE Program and HSE Objectives.
Improving Stakeholder Communications

We are continually engaging in communication activities, including dialogue with outside experts, and environmental and social impact surveys in areas where we operate.
We are also actively expanding our public relations and investor relations, including disclosure to research organizations, and working to improve external evaluations.

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