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Local Communities

Basic Policy

Social Investment Expenditures in Fiscal 2015

INPEX is committed to building and maintaining trust with local communities through our business activities in the areas where we operate. In building trust, we value engaging with stakeholders in order to facilitate social and economic advancement opportunities within communities.
Based on the concept of Creating Shared Value (CSV)*1 that will help develop activities for creating mutual value between the Company and local communities, we support the development of these communities through generating local employment, developing skills, supporting education and environment preservation.

*1 Creating Shared Value(CSV) : An approach in which social value is created by addressing social demands and generating economic value

Targets and Results

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  FY2015 Targets FY2015 Results FY2016 Targets
Build relationships
with local
  • Continue to engage stakeholders on progress of project
  • Provided information on operational status and actions for safety through briefings at the Naoetsu LNG Terminal, and published a newsletter for local communities
  • Held regular briefings and released publications in Australia
  • Maintain good relationships through continuous dialogue with stakeholders
Contribute to
local communities
  • Continue to support local businesses and employment
  • Continue to support community programs
  • Continue summer internships for undergraduate and graduate science and engineering majors
  • Continue to provide sponsored courses at graduate schools in Japan
  • Social investment expenditures: 1.71 billion yen
  • Implemented strategic community partnerships with NGOs in Australia
  • Welcomed 12 interns chosen from science and engineering majors
  • Sponsored courses at graduate schools in Japan and supported students
  • Planned social investment expenditure: 2.87 billion yen
  • Continue to support community programs
  • Continue to provide local employment and procurement opportunities in the Ichthys LNG Project
  • Continue summer internships for undergraduate and graduate science and engineering majors
  • Continue to sponsor courses at graduate schools in Japan

Case Study

Generating Local Employment Opportunities and Human Resource Development

In the INPEX-led Ichthys LNG Project, construction of onshore facilities is underway in the Northern Territory of Australia and approximately 80% of overall construction was completed by the end of 2015.
Local communities are playing an important role in the construction of onshore facilities. Approximately 3,000 of the 7,000 workers at the onshore construction site in Darwin are locals.
Krystal Noakes, a Darwin local who has been working on the Project for 18 months, is one of more than 800 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples engaged in the Project. Krystal earned her certificate required to work in the resource industry during a pre-employment training program. She is now working through her electrical apprenticeship and is saving for her first home.

Krystal Noakes

Working on a Project like this gives you an opportunity to set yourself up over a couple of years, and you get out of it what you put in.

INPEX trainees in front of the North Australian Centre for Oil and Gas

As the Project reaches its peak level of onshore construction in 2016, construction activities progress from a predominantly civil focused works to mechanical and electrical works. While it is not always feasible to source local staff with specialized skills that the Project will require, we are continuing to proactively provide locals with employment opportunities during the construction of the Project.
We will also need workforces to support the long-term operational phase of the Project for at least 40 years. For instance, we expect to employ about 300 permanent staffs during the LNG plant operations in Darwin.
In 2012, the Project contributed A$3 million to the construction of the North Australian Centre for Oil and Gas at Charles Darwin University. We are running the plant operation traineeship at this facility and continue to support building the capacity of the local workforce.

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